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Hunchback Mountain to Great Pyramid - Exploratory

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Let's hike up Hunchback Mountain ending up at Great Pyramid, a narrow rock promontory jutting out above the Salmon River Valley. The trail starts at the ZigZag Ranger station (so no trail head fee). The first mile includes 8 gentle switchbacks. The second mile consists of 10 switchbacks in a grueling uphill climb. At mile 2.1 we will be at the rimrock viewpoint. From there we will hike along roller coaster like undulations for approximately .3 miles. After another 2.1 miles, we will get to Great Pyramid, where, if the weather cooperates, we will have spectacular views. Along the way, Mount Hood may make an appearance.

Later in the year, I may post a 16.2 round trip hike from ZigZag to Devil's Peak Lookout Tower.

Hike statistics:

9 miles round trip

2900 feet elevation gain

Rating is DIFFICULT so please make sure you are in good physical hiking shape

After the hike, we can stop at the ZigZag Cafe or any of the other local refreshment establishments.

CARPOOLING: roundtrip mileage is approximately 86 miles. Suggested donation of $0.10 a mile per person for $8.60 (obviously you can round up or down to avoid receiving change).

What to bring:

Sturdy hiking boots

Rain gear

Trekking poles

Food and plenty of water

sun screen


The typical ten essentials which include compass, whistle, emergency shelter (, first aid, fire starter, etc.


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