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Olympic National Park: Enchanted Valley East Fork Quinault River Trail

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Pre Trip Meeting

6 PM PST, May 15th 2014
Lucky Labrador Pub

The Historic Chalet is on the verge of getting washed away due to erosion from Quilnault river and I want to get there before its completely destroyed.

Don't signup as just in case placeholder, signup if you are completely sure that you want dedicate time to complete this trail and willing to co-operate with me on the complex logistics. I also reserve my right to pick people and drop based on criteria I see as fit.

This is not a beginner *Backpacker Trip*

Duration: 3 days 2 nights.
Rating: Moderate/Difficult
Distance: 26 miles round trip.
Elevation gain: 1500 feet cumulative gain.
Hiking time: 7-8 hrs/day Hiking pace: Moderate.
Driving distance: 200 miles One way;
Parking Permits: National Park permit per $15/vehicle.
Back country Permit: $5-$10/head.

Bring: Ten essentials, Backpacking essentials(Tent, Sleeping Bag, sufficient food), non-cotton clothing, trekking poles, Rain Gear, bear can, wading shoes, waterproof boots. Pack light due to the long trek on day 3.

Day 1: Pickup permits and drive to the trail head. Hike to O'Neil Creek and camp. - Mileage 8 miles.

Day 2: Hike into the valley and camp - Mileage 5 miles.

Day 3: Hike out to the cars and drive back home - Mileage 13 miles.

Other cautions:

1. There are couple of creek crossings with knee deep swiftly moving cold water.
2. Exposed bridge with one-sided rail guard.
3. Black Bears, Rain (its ONP what do you expect), washouts, blow downs.

In case of an inclement weather making dangerous to complete the trip, I will cancel the trip based on weather forecast and inputs from NPS field office.

PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK; Northwest Wilderness Group organizers are volunteers and not GUIDES. We come prepared to lead you on a trail or off trail hike but assume no liability for your safety getting to or from the trail-head or on the hike. In case of accident, illness, or other incapacity, hikers must pay for their own medical and/or evacuation expenses, whether or not the hiker has specifically authorized them. Personally I make data driven decisions and very little of them come from intuitions only those corroborating with past experience and data. I'm not a fan of "Gut" feeling. Group must stay together and there will be no exceptions.