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My style of snow camping, McNeil Campground Fri-Sun

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All this snow camping has me wondering why not join in some of the fun!! BUT the way we did it Elk hunting. I am planning on setting up a 15 x 17 wall tent with a wood stove and a plywood floor.

I did a scout trip and unless we do get 3 feet of snow access to the campground should be easy. Maybe a 5 minute walk in from the gate. Parking is limited though but plenty of parking lower down the road where the snowmobilers park. It will take 4 wheel drive the last mile so if you have only 2 wheel drive we can come get you. I do plan on shuttling anyways due to parking situation.

Bathrooms are open and not to far away.

Come anytime during the weekend , we will start packing up noon-2 Sunday.

Sleeping in the big tent? yes but it won't fit 20 people. I do want some to stay in it but if you can bring your own thats good to. Anyone that gets cold can come in and sleep. I will be staying in my little tent (I snore too much LOL). Its a big campground so finding a space will be easy. I am setting up the big tent in the middle of the road. No traffic this time of year. Lol! You can to.

Here's my plan,

#1 I will arrive early Friday to start pulling in the tent and other gear. Help is appreciated. Have to clear a space for it and get it erected.

#2 Bring in wood and get the fire going.

#3 As people arrive we will be helping them get set up and shuttling cars back to parking areas.

Activities: I leave that up to you ,Snowshoeing, cross country skiing or just lay about. Or head up the mountain for whatever you have planned.

I plan on Skiing to Ramona Falls on Saturday. The river is low and should be able to get across it. I am a beginner so I am slow as molasses. We did go up to the Trail head Last Saturday.

Things we could use:

Propane space heaters

Propane bottles and larger tanks


Sleds to pull gear in and firewood we may cut up there.

Snow shovels

Any Firewood or stuff to burn.



Tables I will bring one large folding table (3x7 feet ?) maybe 2.

Large tarps

Food? I do have a large pot for a good cook to make a stew or spagetti or ? 2 or 3 gallons I think.

I will bring my power saw also. lol! I like a fire in the winter but hardly ever build one in the Summer.

Last thing , dogs and Kids are welcome. There is a good sled hill for smaller kids by the gate.

Thanks for the picture , Kathy


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