What we're about

Are you a 20s or 30s something living in Northwest Arkansas? Are you looking to connect with new people and expand your social circles? Then, join this meetup! We'll be hosting a variety of different events, hangouts, meetups, shenanigans in the NWA area so come check us out!

Attending your first meetup

Alright, alright - you've RSVP'd to your very first meetup. You've essentially taken the first step to making lots of rad, new friends. We're proud of you! But now, you're thinking "well, now what? How will I find these people?" Great question!

The best thing to do is to keep an eye on that event page itself. The group is very good about describing where they are located at the time of the event and what they look like so they are easy to find. Its better to ask questions about the event on the event page vs private messaging the host so that everyone attending that event can see the answer or help answer your question too!

Can't make it to the meetup that you signed up for?

Booooooo, you whore. Ok, just kidding. Honestly, this isn't a big deal but do us a favor and update your RSVP status. The meetup hosts put a lot of effort into hosting awesome events and there is nothing worse than planning for a big group and then only a few show.

Want to become a meetup host?

Amazing! Great idea! Yes yes yes! Before upgrading you to meetup host status, we like to see a few key behaviors first. This helps us keep the culture of our growing group fun, friendly, and welcoming.

1. Attend at least 3 events. Yes, 3. Before you host an event, its important that you get a feel for what the meetups are like and how this group interacts.

2. Learn 3 new names and use them at an event. People feel welcomed when you take the time to learn their names and actually use them. Plus, its just the nice thing to do.

3. Welcome new guests organically without being introduced. THIS IS HUGE. Don't make someone new walk up to the group and ask "is this the meetup group?" - beat them to the punch and smile and wave! Even if they aren't part of the meetup group!

These are not hard and fast rules by any means but they are a set of standards that we try to abide by as best we can.

Upcoming events (5+)

Bachata Sunday July 21st at BikeRack Bentonville

Bike Rack Brewing Co. - 8th St. Brewery & Taproom - Market District

And here we go again! BikeRack Bentonville is hosting another dance event! Come by July 21st for some Bachata lessons with Luis Nwadance Instructor at 7:00pm, and dance the night away!!!....until 10:00pm :) No partner needed No level needed All ages welcome Pets and family friendly

Game Night!

Moonbroch Brewery

Let's take over the 3rd floor of Moonbroch and have some fun! Good food, plenty of drink options, two pool tables, 2 foosball tables, and darts downstairs. Bring your own games and let's make it a fun time!

Sunday Funday: Wild World Paintball!

Location visible to members

Hey meetup crew! Lets get together and have some fun battling it out with paint! It is perfectly fine if you have never been paintballing, we would still love for you to come join us, there will be people at Wild World that will go over everything before starting! PRICE: Entry Fee-$15, Rental Package-$10, Per Bag(500)-$17.50 for mid grade paint OR you could split a case(2000) of low grade paint for $40.00/ mid grade paint $50.00. There are different options you can go about, but the guy had said after entry, rental, and if you split a case(2000) low grade paint between 4 people then it would come out to about $35 per person. CLOTHING: I would recommend wearing clothes you dont mind getting dirty! Ideal attire would be loose long sleeved shirts and pants to have some sort of barrier between you and the paintball. You’ll of course be running around a lot so comfy shoes are a must. Also, bring an extra pair of clothes to change into if you dont want paint in your car. SAFETY/RULES: Here is the link for Wild Worlds game rules and safety. https://www.wildworldpb.com/Safety/. I would recommend filling out their waiver ahead of time to cut down on time, here is the link for that as well. https://form.jotform.com/90766930956168

Salsa and bachata night at Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges Museum

Dance the night away with DJ Luis for an evening of salsa beats in the Great Hall! Dance lesson included, hope see you all there! Free. Register online or with Guest Services.

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