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Due to COVID, unfortunately, the 2020 Northwest Park Country Fair is officially CANCELLED! We hope to come back strong in 2021!


This MeetUp group was set up ONLY to have one place to refer potential Volunteers from various MeetUps, Facebook, and other means, and communicate details to them so hopefully they "may" decide to commit to help run the "Kids Fun & Games" component of Windsor's annual "Northwest Park Country Fair".

By joining this free MeetUp, you are NOT yet committing to volunteer, but simply agreeing to us sending you information. This will save us countless hours redundantly email-blasting and tracking folks individually via various outlets. Thanks for your cooperation!

As a "preview of coming attractions" please refer to THIS YEAR's "Fair Book":


to get an overall sense of the Fair, as you will have lots of time to enjoy the non-kid aspects of the Fair beyond your "Volunteering" responsibilities!

Please feel free to invite friends and family to join this free MeetUp group... the more the merrier!

This very inexpensive day is a NON-PROFIT Fund Raiser for the "Friends of Northwest Park" to help maintain and enhance the Park and sponsor children’s nature / educational and fun activities at the Park year-round.

This year’s one-day-only Fair will be held on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, (10a-4p). Please go to this calendar posted event for specifics and to Sign Up!

(Tentatively, this Fair is held each 3rd Saturday of September, unless it conflicts with a religious holiday. Rain Date is the next day.)

Volunteers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10-hour shifts available... "whatever" works for you!) get free admission & parking, plus some freebie food tickets, plus time to enjoy the Fair.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – even if you do not volunteer, it’s a great day of “old-fashioned” fun w/ lots for adults to enjoy in addition to kids – bring your camera and bring your friends!

Warm Regards,

Rob Pudney (aka “Rob P.” on MeetUp)

My 24th year serving as Chair of the "Kids Fun & Games" component of the Northwest Park Country Fair.

(FYI: I do this, lovingly, in honor of my son, Dougie, who passed away suddenly at the age of only five years old, due to an undiagnosed medical condition he somehow developed. Dougie loved Northwest Park - tapping Sugar Maple trees, Summer Camp, but especially the Country Fair! The town of Windsor and the Park were SO supportive of my family. Thanks! I only mention this now, as sometimes Volunteers see the Sugar Maple Tree and Plaque by the little pond upon arrival at the Fair and/or the bench we donated by the Maple "Sugar Shack" and it saddens their day to then learn this history. This is a very positive day... THANKS! for helping keep Dougie's memory alive while helping put BIG smiles on little kids' faces!)

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