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Archived 24x7 Recording: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Term Sheets

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Content - Based on the very successful in-person workshops on term sheets conducted by David S. Rose and Avi Fogel in 2011 a comprehensive 60 minute webinar will be delivering much of this knowledge again.

David S. Rose will review the "Term Sheet" body of knowledge that entrepreneurs and investors need to know, in his inimitable style and based on his experience as one of the country's leading super angels.

Body of Knowledge

* Term sheet fundamentals

* Convertible Notes and Equity Seed Rounds

* Amount and Valuation

* Founder stock, employee option pools and vesting plans

* Dividends and Liquidation preferences,

* Anti-dilution protection

* Board of directors - composition; compensation; schedule; D&O insurance

* Voting rights and Protective provisions

* Future financings, Mergers, Sales and Liquidations

* Pro rata rights in future rounds

* Redemption

* Tag along / drag along and Pay to Play

* Information and Registration rights

* ROFR/Co-sale and Pre-emptive rights

* The New York Angels standard Series Seed Term Sheet

* Legal costs, Closing Mechanics and On-line Support

Target Audience - Entrepreneur leaders and investors, as well as service professionals and academics who desire to understand the basic business terminology, perspectives and math associated with building and funding startup businesses.

Desired Learning - Upon completion, the attendee will have learned all the major factors showing up in startup funding deals, and specifically the terms of the standard New York Angels Series Seed Term Sheet. This will enable a faster, more collaborative funding effort for both investor and entrepreneur.

Speaker - David S. Rose - founder and Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels, is a serial entrepreneur who has founded half a dozen companies and an active 'super angel' investor who has funded 90 others. He is Managing Principal of Rose Tech Ventures, an early-stage fund specializing in Internet-based business; and CEO of Gust, the company that operates the global infrastructure for the early stage financing industry, powering not only New York Angels, but also over 1,000 other angel groups and venture funds around the world.

An Inc 500 CEO, David has been called "New York's Archangel" by Forbes, "the Father of Angel Investing in New York" by Crain's New York Business, "patriarch of Silicon Alley" by Red Herring magazine, and a "world conquering entrepreneur" by BusinessWeek, which also nicknamed him 'The Pitch Coach' for his training of entrepreneurs seeking funding from venture capitalists and angel investors.

David has been involved in the development of the Silicon Alley technology community in New York for many decades, including working with online data services in the 1970s, founding an early personal computer training company in the 1980s, a wireless data information network in the 1990s and the Gust angel investing platform in the 2000s. He is an associate founder of Singularity University, where he was Founding Track Chair for Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics, and hosted the online reality web series 'Second Chance' on MSN. He has a BA from Yale, an MBA from Columbia Business School, and a D. Eng. (hc) from Stevens Institute of Technology.