VR Discussions: Platforms, Headsets & Exhibiting

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Hosted by REVRIE Immersive Works and Animation Nights New York.

The first in a monthly roundtable series where creators will discuss issues in cinematic virtual reality development, production and exhibition.

This session will focus on using different VR platforms, such as YouTube and Oculus Video, comparing the different headsets for cinematic VR exhibition, and tips and tricks for exhibiting projects to large groups.

Future conversation topics currently are:

Capturing VR Video

Audio: Capture, Post-Production, Listening

Visual Post-Production: Stitching, Editing, Cleanup

Virtual Reality as a New Storytelling Medium

Future: Volumetric, Additional Senses and the Role for A.I.

Here is an initial list of questions to think about (and to sort of clarify where this month's discussion will be going):

Platforms, Headsets and Exhibiting


Has your VR experience played in a VR showcase or film festival? What did you like or dislike about how your content was handled?

What is your favorite platform for your cinematic VR content?

Would you consider ethical implications before showing viewers potentially disturbing content? What if the surprise element served a particular goal of the piece?

Should VR works describe if they are best viewed seated or standing? Should VR experiences contain a 10 second countdown for demoing purposes?


What is your favorite device to demo your content with, particularly for crowds? Do you find headset-makers are helpful to VR creators generally, and you specifically?

Do you have any tips or horror stories from showing your content to a large crowd?

What problems do you encounter when showing people VR for the first time?

What is the best reaction you’ve ever seen after a viewer’s first time?

What features do you need in a platform before you will use it for demoing for a crowd? Which features do you wish the platforms had that would assist in exhibiting?

What are the most important factors for the best VR viewing experience? A quiet environment? A closed off environment away from the physical bustle of crowds?

What is the longest comfortable viewing time for a VR experience?

Do you think public location-based experiences (LBEs) are the future of the way that we will view VR experiences?


How many VR features have you seen and was it a comfortable viewing experience?

Do you believe in having viewers sign liability waivers? Why or why not?

Is “giving in” to a VR experience similar to undergoing hypnosis? Why or why not?

What are your thoughts on Facebook 360’s view-dependent adaptive streaming and use of triangular projection?