VR Discussions: Capturing VR Video

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Hosted by REVRIE Immersive Works and Animation Nights New York.

The second in a monthly roundtable series where creators will discuss issues in cinematic virtual reality development, production and exhibition.

This session will focus on the visual capture of cinematic VR and 360 video. Future sessions will focus on capturing ambisonic audio and the visual post-production pipeline.

Future conversation topics currently are:

Audio: Capture, Post-Production, Listening

Visual Post-Production: Stitching, Editing, Cleanup

Virtual Reality as a New Storytelling Medium

Future: Volumetric, Additional Senses and the Role for A.I.

Past conversations were:

Platforms, Headsets and Exhibiting

Here is an initial list of questions to think about (and to sort of clarify where this month's discussion will be going):

Capturing VR Video


What do you like or dislike about shooting with consumer/prosumer “all-in-one” devices like the Samsung Gear 360 or the Ricoh Theta S?

What are your steps in planning for a VR shoot? Do you storyboard? What do the storyboards look like? What do your scripts look like?

What scares you the most about shooting VR? If you have already shot VR, what was the most difficult part of the experience?


What do you like or dislike about shooting with the following cameras/rigs:

* Nokia OZO

* Jaunt One

* GoPro Odyssey with the Google Jump system

* Rigs coming out of Hong Kong

Is stereoscopic 360 always better than monoscopic 360?

Has anyone constructed or shot with the Facebook rig proposed last year?

Have you tried shooting with a rig attached to a drone or an RC car/platform? What issues have you encountered?

What’s better – a rig with more cameras or less?


How do you capture stabilized moving shots? Can you just “fix it in post”?

Why is a GoPro-based rig better/worse than the professional “all-in-one” solutions?

Is a “360 degree lens” feasible?

What are your thoughts on the Lytro Immerge?

Do you have a stance on the “true” vs. “computer-derived” stereoscopic debate?