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The October Culture Circle!

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Price: $10.00 /per person

Sean's Apartment

1623 Third Ave #29C (on 92nd Street, btwn 3rd & 2nd) · New York, NY

How to find us

Tell the Front Desk you're there for Sean Cusack (#29C); Take the RIGHT elevator bank up to the 29th Floor.

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Come share your passion/creativity at our regular monthly Culture Circle!

Everyone brings and gets to share something that they're passionate about-- it could be something you've created yourself, but it doesn't have to be.

You could bring a poem, a song, a photograph, a painting, a monologue, a CD, a favorite story, needlework, WHATEVER you want...!

We'll sit in a circle (on comfortable chairs and a couch) and take turns sharing/presenting to each other. Each person will have a turn to present, and in between, we'll have some time to react and talk about each other's contributions in a WARM and SUPPORTIVE atmosphere.


- Do you have a favorite SONG? Bring the CD and play it for us!

- Do you have a POEM that you've written but haven't had anyone to read it to? Bring it and recite it for us!

- Do you have a favorite STORY or GREEK MYTH? Come and tell us!

- Have you learned a MONOLOGUE and are just dying to try it out in front of others? Come and perform it for us!

- Do you love the SHOW 'Six Feet Under' and can speak for a few minutes as to WHY it's the best show ever and how our lives would all be better if only we all watched it? Come and tell us about it!

Anything goes! This is the place for sharing / learning about / giving / receiving / expressing feelings and opinions about culture. Our definition of culture = 'ANYTHING CREATIVE' !


We will be in a beautiful and spacious atmosphere: the uniquely welcoming Upper East Side abode of our very own member, Sean Cusack. Sean has lovingly created a special atmosphere which is comfortable, calm and accommodating! He's hosted countless large parties here over the past decade, and his place comes complete with a working PIANO, a guitar, plenty of comfortable seating, flowing WINE, yummy snacks, a large TV and sound-system, and no restrictions on the amount of noise we make!

In a word, the place is WARM.

(NOTE: There will be a GUITAR, PIANO and a STEREO for anyone to use.)

Bring one or two things that you feel passionate about.

But most of all, bring YOURSELF, your open mind, and that in-extinguishable divine spark of creativity and awe that resides in each of us!


We will be at SEAN's from 7:15 until 10:00.

Afterwards, feel free to join us as we continue the bonding and merriment at our nearby hang-out:

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (DINER)[masked]nd Ave. (SW corner of 89th St.)


Tell the Front Desk you're there for Sean Cusack (#29C);

Take the LEFT elevator bank up to the 29th Floor.

(The event fee helps us cover the rental fee for the room.)