March Information Security Meetup


Please join me for another GREAT night of Enterprise Security knowledge transfer.

Presentations from thought leaders in the security space - David Ulevitch (, CEO OpenDNS, Idan Plotnik ( CEO of Aorato.

I am very excited to present David Ulevitch ( CEO and founder of OpenDNS ( who deliver a presentation titled

"Security for the way the world works today"

Description: David will focus on the state of the security industry, the rapidly evolving threat landscape, and solutions that get in front of attacks like Red October, Kelihos, Cryptolocker, and other emerging/unknown threats.

David's Bio: David Ulevitch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OpenDNS. An acclaimed DNS and Internet security expert, David started OpenDNS in 2005 after identifying a need for a better performing, more secure DNS service than what was previously available to network administrators. Under David’s leadership as CEO of OpenDNS, he grew the company from inception to profitability, and to a customer base of millions of users around the world. Prior to founding OpenDNS, David started EveryDNS, an authoritative DNS service that continues to operate today.

OpenDNS ( secures the networks used by more than 50 million people to connect to the Internet. Across all continents, in Fortune 50 enterprises and small businesses alike, at one in every three U.S. schools and hundreds of thousands of homes. Our services are smart and lightweight, yet more powerful than anything else available. They require no software or hardware, and can be set up in just minutes, immediately taking effect across all devices that connect to the Internet — tablets, smartphones, even gaming consoles. Ask anyone who’s deployed a network service across an enterprise and they’ll tell you just how revolutionary that is. We’re changing the face of Internet security.

Aorato CEO Idan Plotnik will give a talk titled:

“attacking Active Directory – your blind spot in the current security architecture”

Idan Plotnik (, Founder and CEO Idan has more than 14 years of experience in the security industry. He has a rich and versatile technological background related to the security and IT of mission critical systems. Prior to founding Aorato, Idan was the Founder and CEO at Foreity – an Microsoft security subcontractor acquired by Aman Group in 2012. Idan also holds the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) for enterprise security.

About Aorato ( Aorato’s Directory Services Application Firewall (DAF™) protects Active Directory and leverages its central role in the network to secure organizations from advanced targeted attacks. Nowadays, attackers compromise all types of entities (non-privileged and privileged users, devices, servers, etc.) in order to gain a foothold into the network. It is not enough anymore to track only privileged accounts to protect the organization against advanced attacks. DAF introduces a new approach. DAF detects suspicious activities through learning, profiling and predicting entity behaviors. The best part? It’s a non-intrusive solution, transparent to Active Directory.