Nov. 20th The CyberGuild Event


Join us for exciting night of cyber security talks. Hear the latest and greatest of enterprise solutions.

Fireside chat with Michel Wilkes:

Mike Wilkes ( ) is an information technology and security expert, public speaker, philanthropist, author, jazz musician, philosopher and occasional internet radio jazz DJ. Currently the Chief Information Security Officer at ASCAP, he was previously the director of information security for Marvel and prior to that the head of infrastructure for a $140 billion hedge fund in Greenwich, Connecticut.

He is the author of Cisco Internet Applications and Solutions (Cisco Press, 2002) and is a regular speaker at security conferences and panel discussions on cyber security threats and trends.
The dotcom internet boom found him building websites and e-commerce infrastructure for such well-known brands as Starbucks, Playstation, Macy’s, Nike, McDonalds, Blockbuster and nVidia. His technical skills and experience allowed him to thrive even during the bursting of the dotcom bubble, at which point in 2002 he moved to Europe.

Presentation by Michael Roytman:

Michael Roytman is the Chief Data Scientist at Kenna Security, and has been selected to speak at some of the top security conferences in the world, including RSA, SOURCE, Bsides, Metricon and SIRAcon. His work focuses on cybersecurity data science and Bayesian algorithms. He is also a technical advisor in the humanitarian space, having worked with Doctors Without Borders, The World Health Organization, and the UN, and a founder of Dharma Platform, for which he landed on the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 list. He holds an M.S. in Operations Research from Georgia Tech, and his home in Chicago houses an industrial-scale coffee roasting operation.

Michael Roytman

Marc Keating Sr. Pre-Sales Systems Engineer is a technology strategist and leader with 20+ years of experience in sales, management, support, business, and engineering roles. Marc, a truly inspiring team mate, has extensive experience leading global teams at companies such as Dell, Equal Logic and Sun Microsystems all the while helping to educate learn from his fellow engineering peers. Marc works extensively with the Arctic Wolf New England and New York City teams.