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    Agenda: Title: Evaluation criteria for Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) Cloud computing is ubiquitous and forms the foundation for digital transformation to facilitate business change. Cloud technologies introduce dissolving perimeters, service delivery via software, and a sophisticated threat landscape. This session will discuss the selection criteria for one of the many security controls - Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Hear about drivers, selection criteria, and how to effectively evaluate CASBs from Les Correia, Security/Risk Thought Leader, and Neelum Khan, Cloud Security Product Evangelist. Director, Global Information Security – Architecture, Engineering, and Operations – Estee Lauder. He is an accredited Subject Matter Expert in Information Security, Risk Management, ITIL, Six Sigma, Business continuity and Disaster recovery. Prior to joining Estee Lauder, he held Senior/Advisory roles providing thought leadership at AT&T, Lucent, INS (now BT Professional services), Vis.align/Forté, Mannai, Digital and numerous other organizations in the US, Canada, Qatar, Germany, Brazil, and India. He holds an MSc in Cyber Security from NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. He also has several advanced credits/Graduate certificates - MBA essentials, Cyber Security, Telecommunications and Software Development. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preempt delivers a modern approach to authentication and securing identity in the enterprise. Using patented technology for conditional access, Preempt helps enterprises stop attackers from credential compromise and insider threats in real-time, before they impact business. Preempt continuously detects and preempts threats based on identity, behavior and risk, across all cloud and on-premises authentication and access platforms. This low friction approach provides security teams with more visibility and control over accounts and privileged access, achieve compliance and auto-resolve incidents. Ajit Sancheti CEO and Co-Founder Ajit Sancheti is CEO and Co-Founder of Preempt and has over 20 years experience in IT security and executive leadership. Previously, he co-founded Mu Dynamics (acquired by Spirent Communications) and held various management roles. Before Mu Dynamics, Ajit was part of the Corporate Development Group at Juniper Networks and an integral member of the team that developed the industry’s first Intrusion Detection and Prevention system at OneSecure (acquired by NetScreen). Prior to OneSecure, he spent 7 years at Western Digital, holding various engineering and management positions. Ajit received his M.S. in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and his MBA from INSEAD, France. additional details TBD

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    Fireside Chat with Mary Ellen Kennel, Vice President | Incident Response at BNY Mellon Mary Ellen Kennel is currently employed as Vice President, Incident Response at Bank of New York Mellon, and she's also a member of the BlackHat U.S.A. staff. Prior to BNY Mellon, she was a Senior Cyber Threat Analyst at First Data where she worked as the resident Hunt and Malware Analysis Subject Matter Expert. Before working with First Data, Mary Ellen was a Senior Incident Response and Forensic Analyst at Access Data where she performed numerous investigations for Fortune 500 companies including breaches, ip-theft, and data compromise. Previously, Mary Ellen was employed by Protiviti as a Senior Forensic Analyst where she was part of the team which worked on the Sony breach. Mary Ellen has been published in “Hakin9” Magazine, and has earned the coveted “Super Honorable Mention” from the annual SANS Holiday Hack Challenge. A contributing author for SANS Institute’s SEC565 “Data Leak Prevention” course, Mary Ellen is also a Mennonite from Lancaster County and author of the Manhattan Mennonite blog. In her spare time, Mary Ellen enjoys being with her family, and also being co-author of AboutDFIR.com, which has been nominated twice for the annual SANS Forensic: 4cast award. David L. Schwed Founding Program Director and Professor Cybersecurity Program, The Katz School at Yeshiva University Short review of the program, requirements and benefits. Talk: "Default Credentials: The Sweetness of Low Hanging Fruit" Abstract Overview Cyber is putting billions of dollars into research and defense but we've failed to detect and fix the basics. Ken Belva Presented at AppSecUSA 2015, DefCon BioHacking Village, OWASP NYC, ISC2 NYM, ISSA NYM, and gloablly. Currently holds US patent for inventing new automated XSS detection and exploitation techniques. Has also held management level positions in cyber security.

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    With a great pleasure I will be hosting David T. Giambruno - you definitely do not want to miss this one! David has over 25 years of technology experience focused on security and infrastructure. He previously worked at Tribune Media where he was SVP and CIO overseeing the split of the technology & application portfolio of the company into two separate stand-alone businesses. Prior to this, David was SVP and CIO at Revlon where he was responsible for globalizing the company's infrastructure and deployed global standards and IT operations. David Giambruno is best known for providing strategic planning, cutting-edge technological know-how, and transformative capacity as a leader among Fortune 500 CIO’s and other senior executives. Extract: Cyber Security, Werewolves, Unicorns, Silver Bullets, and blunt force trauma. I'm the Blunt Force Trauma About the possible.... Insights & approaches with a helping of sarcasm Presentation by Engin Kirda, co-foudner Lastline Title: Using AI to detect Advanced Threats -- Done Right. Bio: In addition to being co-founder and chief architect at Lastline, Engin Kirda is a Professor at the Northeastern University in Boston, and the director of the Northeastern Information Assurance Institute. Before that, Engin held faculty positions at the Institute Eurecom in the French Riviera and the Technical University of Vienna, where he co-founded the Secure Systems Lab that is now distributed over five institutions in Europe and US. Engin’s recent research has focused on malware analysis (e.g., Anubis, Exposure, Fire) and detection, web application security, and practical aspects of social networking security. His recent work on the deanonymization of social network users received wide media coverage. Engin co-authored more than 110 peer-reviewed scholarly publications and served on program committees of numerous well-known international conferences and workshops. Title: data security through the use of multi-cloud Tim Bramble VP, Product Management, Leonovus Inc. Tim Bramble has more than twenty years’ experience developing enterprise solutions addressing software-defined storage, cloud security, data encryption, identity and access management, email security and web fraud detection. He is well acquainted with current information security threats and the challenges governments and enterprises face in defending against them. Tim joined Leonovus in May 2018. Prior to this, Tim oversaw security aspects of Dell EMC’s hybrid cloud offerings and led product management for several hybrid cloud encryption products at CloudLink Technologies (acquired by EMC in 2015) which he joined in 2012. Before this, Tim managed the development of a number of security solutions at Entrust, which he joined in 1997. Tim holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

  • Feb. NY info Sec Event, Live NYC CISO/Security Vendor Podcast Recording

    Special event: Live NYC Recording of CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast Launched just six months ago, the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast has quickly become a popular platform for discussing CISO struggles and uniting the often fractured relationship between security practitioners and vendors. Co-host and producer David Spark brings his Bay Area show to NYC for a live recording at our monthly meetup. Joining David Spark as co-host of the recording will be John Prokap, CISO of HarperCollins Publishers and guest will be Johna Till Johnson, CEO of Nemertes Research. For additional insight please visit the following site: www.CISOseries.com Special thanks to our sponsor for this event, Context Information Security. Latest video on the upcoming event can be found here: https://twitter.com/dspark/status/1089953487733936129

  • January NY Information Security Meetup


    Kick off the new year with the largest independent security group in the country. Come learn, mingle and prosper! Title: The Crimes Bots Commit Against Your Data Abstract: Modern business models depend upon online activity to promote their business. While many bots are important for promoting your business and services, unfortunately many of the visitors are not good bots nor humans - they are nefarious bots. As you grow your online presence, you will become a bigger target. Bot attacks against websites have become more dangerous and harder to detect and prevent. Bots are masking their identity and changing constantly to avoid detection. By abusing business logic, attackers use real browsers to take over accounts, scrape data for competitive intelligence, and perform fraudulent purchases without triggering traditional security mechanisms. Bots can get in despite many of the best efforts. They disguise their intentions and leave you defenseless. Join us to hear more about proven ways to detect and mitigate against bot attacks • Discover how attackers are abusing vulnerabilities in business logic to extract value from organizations • Understand how many of the existing bot detection solutions are blind to many of the bot threats which leave your website and organization defenseless • Learn about the bot landscape (ecosystem) and how bots are evolving • Understand how enterprises are reacting to an evolving threat • Recognize what you should consider to protect your business from bot attacks Presenter: Jono Bergquist, Sr. Solution Engineer, PerimeterX Osquery has recently burst onto the scene as a universal, open source endpoint agent that is used by everyone from SMB's to the world's largest companies for intrusion detection, incident response, audit & compliance, vulnerability management, and more. Teams are using it across highly diverse hybrid and cloud environments, with Linux and Macs; you name it. After all, there's a reason it frequents the #1 spot across all of GitHub's security projects. While the idea behind osquery is at once simple and powerful, using it at scale in real-world environments poses unexpected challenges and subtle nuances. Come hear Milan Shah, CTO at Uptycs, talk about using osquery in the real-world, large-scale environments to do: • Cutting-edge threat detection and response • Audit and Compliance • Vulnerability Management • and More Presenter: Milan Shah, Co-Founder & CTO, Uptycs// longtime osquery contributor Milan Shah is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building and leading cutting edge cybersecurity technology companies. Prior to co-founding Uptycs, Milan was SVP of Products and Engineering at Core Security, where he formulated a vision for a new class of automated pen testing solutions. Milan has also served as VP of Engineering at CA Technologies and IMlogic, which was successfully acquired by Symantec. The first part of his career was spent as a member of the early Windows NT development team, and he was a key architect of Microsoft Exchange. Milan holds a Masters in EECS degree from MIT, and a Bachelors in EECS from University of Illinois, Urbana.

  • December NY Information Security Meetup - Engineering Privacy

    A Panel Discussion on Privacy engineering - sponsored by BigID ( https://bigid.com/ ) Privacy engineering as a discipline is still in its infancy, yet regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandate that organizations implement PbD. How can PbD be implemented without the appropriate technical staff, processes, and supporting technology? The answer is that they can’t. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations hire the right combination of privacy engineering experience and skills to design and embed the requirements. Besides making the right hires, it is imperative that companies also heavily invest in: infrastructure (i.e., enterprise architecture and design), privacy and data protection products that automate time-consuming tasks, PETs, consent management tools, recruitment efforts, and ongoing training for current and future privacy engineers as new techniques emerge. https://bigid.com/the-advent-of-privacy-engineering/ additional details TBD.

  • November NY Info Security Meetup


    Fireside Chat with FBI Special Agent - Economic espionage is a problem that costs the American economy hundreds of billions of dollars per year and puts our national security at risk. Foreign competitors deliberately target economic intelligence in advanced technologies and flourishing U.S. industries. Historically, economic espionage has targeted defense-related and high-tech industries, but recent FBI cases have shown that no industry, large or small, is immune to the threat. Any company with a proprietary product, process, or idea can be a target; any unprotected trade secret is vulnerable to theft by those who wish to illegally obtain innovations to increase their market share at a victim company’s expense. With more than 22 years of law enforcement experience with the FBI, our guest speaker’s career has spanned numerous disciplines. As a senior investigator in the FBI’s National Security Division he has led complex counterintelligence operations as well as insider threat and economic espionage investigations. As a FBI Certified Instructor he also conducts outreach with the private sector to raise public awareness and inform industry leaders on how to protect their intellectual property from both internal and external threats. Fireside chat with Thomas Kartanowicz, CISO at Commerzbank. Tom has been working in IT and information security for over 15 years with experience in systems administration, risk management, network security and security awareness. As Regional CISO at Commerzbank NY, Tom leads the information security policy, risk, controls and awareness initiatives and previously worked at Natixis North America, Principia Partners and NYU Stern School of Business. Tom holds a Master of Science in IT from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from New York University. He is a member of ISSA, ISC2 and ISACA and has CISM and CISSP certifications. He has spoken at industry events and conferences including NYIT Global Cybersecurity Conference in Abu Dhabi and CISO Digital Transformation Summit in Miami. Jessica Stanford has more than a decade of experience that she brings to her current role as VP of Marketing at Hysolate. With her in-depth product knowledge, market expertise and passion for cybersecurity, she has a long track record of driving strategic and revenue growth, leading product launches such as RSA’s Authentication Manager and CyberArk’s Privileged Threat Analytics. Most recently, she served as Director of Product Marketing at Cybereason where she was responsible for the full portfolio of product and service offerings. A proud buckeye, Jessica earned her BSBA from The Ohio State University and her MBA from Brandeis University. Hysolate is revolutionizing enterprise endpoints, making them as flexible and secure as the cloud or the data center. Our "Software-Defined Endpoints"​ platform resolves the conflict between security and productivity. We bring air gap grade security to the enterprise and at the same time free knowledge workers from past usage restrictions. The solution replaces the traditional endpoint OS with a bare-metal hypervisor that splits the endpoint into a few fully isolated local VMs, in a way that is completely seamless to the user. Security and IT controls that used to be bundled to the OS can now run below the OS as part of the hypervisor platform and independent of OS, application or device hardware. For more information: https://www.hysolate.com additional details TBD

  • October NY Info Security Meetup

    110 Fifth Avenue

    Agenda: https://www.nuix.com/ The Caller is Inside the House: Threat Hunting within Your Organization Insider threats pose a unique challenge to organizations. While it’s easy to envision an anonymous outside entity wanting to do harm, it’s much harder to consider that the threat is coming from an employee, former employee, contractor, or business associate. Nuix will show how to identify where threats might originate from (malicious and unwitting insiders alike), how you can detect them using our software, and how to minimize their impact on your organization. About Nuix: We understand the DNA of data at an enormous scale. Our software pinpoints the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance threats. Hoke Smith. Nuix | Director, Cybersecurity & Analytics Hoke has more than 17 years of experience in management and technology consulting. His areas of expertise include counterintelligence, insider threat detection, optimizing organizational performance, and big data analytics. Hoke is a former senior managing consultant at IBM, where he worked with clients in the US national security market. At Booz Allen Hamilton, Hoke helped a range of large organizations solve problems related to operational performance and technology. Matthew Geaghan. Nuix | Business Development Manager Matthew joined Nuix in 2010 as our first European employee, bringing technical eDiscovery experience from his time at a leading London's legal support company. He provided consultancy, training and support, to ensure our European customers got the most from their investment in Nuix technology. He has since worked on investigations with our most high-profile clients, including the UK government and top-tier corporations around the world. Fireside Chat Steve Tepsick VP – Head of Cyber Security - Americas, Hamlyn Williams Fireside Chat with Keith Graham, VP of Strategy, Steele Global Keith has spent the last 15 years working with, growing and managing technology startups. From digital marketing to financial compliance, he’s had exposure to a wide range of verticals and industries. Over the past five years, Keith was a co-founder and the CEO of TransparINT, a SAAS platform that assists financial institutions with their AML and reputational risk compliance efforts. In June TransparINT was acquired by Steele Compliance Solutions, where Keith now serves as VP of Strategy.

  • September NY Information Security Meetup


    Agenda: Title: CSO <> Executives communication crossing the chasm risk jargon to business speak As Chief Security Officer for Apple Leisure Group, Dr. David Whipple is an ardent supporter of Business enablement with security technologies that reduce organizational risk to an acceptable level and reducing cost associated with buying the security boutique-of-the-week solutions that don’t always integrate. He has a long and varied history of working with executives and business leaders in translating security Greek in to the language of Business to accomplish organizational objectives. He has a 26-year background in Military in Information Security and IT, with a 12 year fine-polishing with commercial organizations in Banking and Finance, Health Care, eCommerce, Power and Critical Infrastructure. The body of his academic research and papers surround the relationships between Risk Management, Information Security, and Organizational Culture. In his spare time Dr. Whipple also serves as the Cybersecurity Program Director at Yeshiva University and Adjunct Professor at Drexel University. Title: Migrating to Office 365: why you should use a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)? Presenters: Gleb Evfarestov, Sr. Solutions Engineer Bitglass. Coming from the customer side and working in Healthcare industry for over 13 years, Gleb has a strong experience in data and network security. From having the on-hands experience with IAM, AD, SSO, Citrix, VMWare and Application access controls at Memorial Sloan Kettering to being the Solutions Engineer at Pulse Secure start-up (an off-spring from Juniper Networks for NAC and VPN) to Senior Solutions Engineer at Bitglass, Inc. – the Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB) at present. Abstract: Microsoft is pushing the enterprises to migrate away from on-prem Exchange and Sharepoint infrastructure to Office 365. Why Cloud Access Security Broker should be an immediate solution for your security needs. No one disputes the value of “anytime, anywhere” computing, but there is a concern about the risk associated with access to sensitive and regulated data (PII/PHI) via unmanaged (personal) devices and unsanctioned cloud applications in REAL time. In this presentation you’ll learn about real-world approaches to some of the most vexing challenges of mobile and cloud computing, and how you can ensure O365 access and data security/compliance through working with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Fireside with Chat Michael A. Echols CISSP, MBA CEO and Board Member IACI CEO Max Cybersecurity LLC Michael A. Echols (Mike), is the CEO of a Kennedy Space Center based non-profit called IACI, and CEO of a for-profit company he founded called Max Cybersecurity LLC, located in Washington DC. Mr. Echols spent 7 years in critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity leadership at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He led several White House national security initiatives before resigning his position in September 2016. Speaker: Ashish is the founder of largest DevSecOps community event in Aus-NZ and Practice Director for security in Versent. With over decade of experience in various security roles, Ashish is often found sharing his passion for DevSecOps and Cloud security in meet ups and conferences all across Australia and internationally. He runs DevSecOps workshops for enterprises around the world to help enhance security in a DevOps driven culture. You can connect with Ashish on : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashishrajan Abstract: Traditional Security is isolated and possibly dead if it doesn’t change to DevOps Presentation Synopsis: Traditional Security has served it’s purpose for all the waterfall years but with the advent of cloud based infrastructure the old security rules don’t apply. I will share how DevSecOps is disrupting the old ways of security. Additional Details TBD