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The Merriam-Webster definition of "potluck:"

~ a communal meal to which people bring food to share ...

This isn't your traditional fancy supper club (although I love those too). This group is for women who are interested in enjoying the community magic of the traditional lesbian potluck!

Along with the human race's historic pastime of gathering around the table for good food and community, the group is specifically for women looking to make new friendships, women who enjoy cooking, women who enjoy eating, and women who are thrilled with the idea of everyone contributing something to the table!

This group is primarily for lesbian women but is open to all women (trans women are welcome) from 31-70 years of age. Potluck events can be held within the greater capital region area, including Amsterdam, Hudson, and Queensbury (to name a few on the outskirts).

Potluck events will be hosted in a variety of locations as determined by membership interest, including parks when the weather is cooperative and also in the homes of members who volunteer to host (not required).

Members should show respect for other members, event guests, and event hosts and their homes.

All volunteer hosts must first be approved by the organizer and should have attended at least two other potluck events for this group. Hosts will provide any important event information for each planned potluck event, including any food themes (Spanish, Mexican, favorite childhood meal, holiday-themed, American BBQ, Italian, etc.) or otherwise just a hodgepodge of whatever anyone wants to bring (the purist form of the potluck!). Hosts will always provide the main course.

I started this meetup group as a somewhat recent transplant from Kansas City 3+ years ago to the beautiful state of New York, and through it, I hope to facilitate good eats and good greets for myself and other lesbian women/women looking to meet other interesting women in the area in friendship through great food and social network building opportunities. Let's have fun with it and bring back the time-honored tradition of the communal lesbian potluck!

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Crock-pot Autumn Potluck


Autumn is the season when nature's vibrant and colorful beauty is on breathtaking display, especially in New York. As the sunny fun of summer comes to a close and the chilly cool of fall beckons playfully to the winter, we begin to appreciate the comfort of warm foods and drinks to keep toasty warm! When it comes to food, little else heats our hearts and tummies better than a good hot meal mixed together perfectly and cooked with ease in a Crock Pot, that age old brand name for the original slow cooker developed in 1936! For this potluck event, the focus will be on meals made in a slow cooker (Crock Pot). Do you have a favorite chili, mac and cheese, or chicken noodle soup recipe you've perfected and want to share? We'd love to taste it! Other ideas are roast beef stew, vegetarian or turkey chili, ham and butter beans, or anything else you wish to make in the slow cooker! (For anyone who does not have a slow cooker, salads and breads are always needed as well to balance the meal - and don't forget the dessert!) Event Details: Time: We will plan to eat between 6:45-7:00pm, but you may arrive as early as 6:30pm (6:00pm if you wish to help set up!). Main Course Details: Slow cooker dishes will be provided by attendees! Please note that we can have more than one of anything on the sign-up list (eg. several different kinds of chili, mac and cheese, or stew), creating a buffet of various delicious meals to sample. Remember to mark your spoons and ladles with initials or some other identifying detail. The Host's Provisions: Plastic wear, paper plates/cups, and napkins will all be provided by me. I will provide extension cords and power strips to power your slow cookers! I will also provide bottled water and hot apple cider made with New York maple syrup from local Riverside Maple Farm: https://www.riversidemaple.com/ Alcohol will not be provided by the host at this event, but please feel free to bring your own if you wish! And there will be a FIRE PIT at this event, so remember to bring your jacket and outdoor chairs! :) Important Notice: Please see the sign-up list at the below link (copy and paste into your web browser) to add the items you wish to bring and to see what others are bringing. Remember to have fun with your choices!: https://www.PerfectPotluck.com/OQRT5734 Location: My home street address and phone number will be provided the day before the event, but the location of my house is in the Town of Amsterdam, NY, conveniently right off of Highway 5 (just outside of the city proper). I am about 30 minutes away from Troy/Albany and about 15-20 minutes from Schenectady. Members are welcome to bring up to one adult guest within the RSVP. This event is an adults-only event, but future potluck events may have the option of including children too. Parking: Parking will be along the street in front of the house. I am able to accommodate about 5-6 cars in my driveway as well. Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope to see you there!

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First Potluck Event - American BBQ!!


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