An Internet Culture Panel With Vox, The Atlantic, & Business Insider


There was once a time when internet culture was inherently niche. Today, internet culture is simply...culture. For our next panel, we'll speak with the reporters who cover this freewheeling world, including:

- Aja Romano, Staff Writer at Vox
- Kaitlyn Tiffany, Staff Writer at The Atlantic
- Paige Leskin, Tech & Internet Culture Reporter at Business Insider

The kind folks at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute have again agreed to host us and we'll enjoy a slightly earlier schedule than usual:

6:00pm - Arrive, eat, and talk to each other
6:30pm - Panel discussion
7:30pm - More talking to each other
8:00pm - Leave

You can expect the usual, tasteful array of pizza and beer. Please use the hashtag #NYMedia to submit your questions for the Q&A portion of the panel. We look forward to seeing everyone!