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NOTE: We are the officially-recognized New York Mythological RoundTable group of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

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The Scapegoat Complex (5 of 5), by Sylvia Brinton Perera.FINAL:

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Join us, as we conclude our conversation on The Scapegoat Complex by Sylvia Brinton Perera.

Please read pp[masked].

Reading is mandatory if attendees intend to participate in the conversation.

If you do not read the assignment, attendance is welcomed however please attend and only listen.

As usual, I will facilitate and lead the "round table" discussion.

An in-depth study of victim psychology based on historical ritual dreams, mythology and case material. Shows that scapegoating is a way of denying one’s own dark side by projecting it onto others.
“The term scapegoat is applied to individuals and groups who are accused of causing misfortune. Scapegoating means finding those who can be identified with evil, blamed for it, and cast out from the family or the community in order to leave the remaining members with a feeling of guiltlessness.” This is an in depth analysis of how the shadow archetype is focussed on certain types of individuals who grew-up carrying their family’s collective shadow. Such people are termed “Scapegoat Identified Individuals” by the author, renowned Jungian analyst, Sylvia Perera. Perera goes into great detail explaining how such individuals can be healed of this complex through identification of it and working through the negative introjections.

A must for anyone who wants to understand the shadow and how some of us end-up with more than our share of it.

Sylvia Brinton Perera, M.A., is a Jungian analyst who lives, practices, teaches, and writes in New York and Vermont and lectures worldwide. Originally trained as an art historian, she earned her M.A. in psychology and graduated from the Jung Institute of New York. Her publications include Descent to the Goddess; The Scapegoat Complex; Dreams, A Portal to the Source (with E. Christopher Whitmont); Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction and The Irish Bull God: Image of the Multiform and Integral Masculine.

NOTE: I was unsuccessful in finding a FREE PDF file in Z-library,

I hope everyone will be able to procure a copy of the book. Make sure it's the same book, there are many books with the same and similar title.

with gratitude,
Jorge :(

33rd "Paths Beyond Ego" (an interview with JOHN WEIR PERRY)

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This will be our 33rd Transpersonal meetup.
My gratitude to everyone who has participated in a past meetup.

I would like to resurrect our "Paths Beyond Ego" conversations.

So, lets continue our collective exploration of the Transpersonal vision/approach by listening and watching an interview (~27 minutes) with John Weir Perry.

Dr. Perry was a psychiatrist and a trained Jungian Analyst from the Zurich School. He was an author of many books on psychosis and visionary experiences. In my opinion he was a radical thinker. I place him in the category of R.D. Laing.

In the 1970s, he founded Diabasis, a San Francisco residence for young schizophrenics where therapy included painting, dance, massage, meditation and conversation. Such treatment usually worked better, he said, than "the men in white who come rushing up and the whole atmosphere becomes antagonistic."

Please thoroughly watch and listen to the footage (see below) if you intend to participate.

Again, I believe there's a fidelity with regard to many of the transpersonal themes/motifs we have already explored in our previous meetups.

If possible, take notes as you listen to the interview so our subsequent conversation can maintain a fidelity to the content and develop some coherency.

I will facilitate the conversation when necessary.

REMINDER: we follow a "round-table" approach. And please, bring your curiosity, enthusiasm and regard toward other people's perspectives.
with gratitude,

Here's the interview:
Visionary Experience or Psychosis? with John Weir Perry [masked]) - YouTube



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The Scapegoat Complex (4 of 5), by Sylvia Brinton Perera.

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