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Take out a piece of paper, number it 1 through 10 and list the things you want to do before you die. From bushwhacking our way through hiking trails to hang gliding, stand up paddleboarding, and spelunking, we also love our hot pot, twisted card games, and epic karaoke backup dancing. Some things you just can't unsee. So come out, meet some new people, and let's start adventuring.

Also if you want to host an event, just let us know! We're just a bunch of friends hanging out, nothing too formal :p

1) Flakers be warned, don't flake! Or else the typical tarring and feathering, pointing and laughing, at risk for being banned for life kinda deal. Unless maybe you bribe us with food and alcohol. We like food and alcohol.

2) We operate by carpool unless otherwise specified. Any volunteers are greatly appreciated!

3) We are an Asian group focused on outdoor activities. Which means ideally should be open to going to hot pot/Soondubu/pho restaurants and enjoy outdoor activities. Most of our members are Asians in their 20's and 30's, Some in 40's.

4) We are hardcore! lol but seriously some of this stuff is "dangerous" or "life threatening". By joining the group you acknowledge that anything you do is at your own risk and everyone is responsible for themselves, AKA we are not liable.

5) Have fun! And smile! You are so much hotter that way!

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