The Speculative Artifact

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This month we have the honor of welcoming Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde! Ayo will be showing some of his amazing work and will have a lot of it on hand for people to try!


From fly controlled wearables to African artifacts from the future, artist and educator Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde discusses his speculative works with respect to memory, culture, futurity.


Ayo's Artistic Statement:

I reclaim spaces for the marginalized with the use of technology, ritual, and the speculative. Whether it be a citizen sousveillance suit to monitor police activity, a Techno-Shamanistic religion that renders ritual virtually, or archeological artifacts from future African cultures, I find it imperative to work collaboratively with other artists and local communities.

My work is about problematizing relationships between physical, spiritual, and virtual spaces rather than solving problems as a form of critique. As well as being technologically functional and uncanny, my works are not only educational, community-driven, but also force positive dialog through the contemplation on the differences between the speculated future and the present that may be leveraged to affect social change.

My works situate themselves between physical and digital spaces, between the past, present, and future. They ask us to, through technology, reimagine notions of race, identity, politics, and culture as they travel through time and space.


Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde (ayo) is a Nigerian-American artist and interactive designer living and working in New York. He studied Visual Arts and Philosophy at Rutgers the State University of New Jersey where he earned his B.A. His works range from painting and speculative design to physically interactive works, wearable technology and explorations of Afrofuturism. Okunseinde was the co-founder and creative director of Dissident Display Studios, an award winning studio and art gallery based in Washington DC. As a collaborator with, amongst others, choreographer Maida Withers, Carmen Wong, and Yoko K., Okunseinde has created several interactive performance based works and has performed in several countries including Mexico, Finland, and Croatia. Okunseinde art residency participation includes Finland’s Invitation to Helsinki, IDEO’s Fortnight, New Inc, The Laundromat Project, and Eyebeam’s Creative Residency. Ayodamola holds an MFA in Design and Technology from The New School, Parsons School of Design in New York where he is currently an adjunct faculty member.