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Meetup for folks who want to gather and play the cooperative Arkham Horror: The Card Game LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. If you're into the Lovecraft mythos, play other co-op card games like LOTR: LCG or just dig spooky table-top games, join us!

The LCG game has only been around since fall 2016, so you shouldn't feel put off that the learning curve is too steep. We can help you build decks and get started and, since it's 100% cooperative, the vibe is chilled out and welcoming!

(FYI -- this group is ONLY for playing Fantasy Flight's "living card game" NOT Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Call of Cthulu, Mansions of Madness, etc...those are all great games, but not what this group plays. But, if you dig those games or the mythos in general, come check us out!)

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