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New project-Virtual B2B Networking Meeting.
Group Announcement of B2B Referral Networking Meetup Group ( Hi! This is James Lee who is the organizer of NYC B2B Referral Networking Group on Meetup ( & B2B Referral Networking Group on LinkedIn ( I am happy to announce that First group conference is scheduled at April 15, 2014. What is about? We will start operating virtual business net working group meeting from the middle of this month through audio/video conference and virtual trade show including members online presentation to learn about our members' products and services , of course it is for our members only. Why? Every single business and sales professionals need for new sales opportunity but there is not perfect solution on it so I prejudge this way should work wall base on how we handle and how we work together the virtual meeting would be the best way to make the sales and grow our business fast. When? The first audio conference at April 15, 2014. As a starting this new project, we will have the first audio conference at April 15, 2014. I do not know how much members join first meeting but I am sure it is worthy to try out to build up better relationship and it will help our business grow faster. How to join: Here is Join Conference Guide B2B Referral Networking group Audio conference at 7:00PM, Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Our Conference Telephone Number: (832)[masked] Participant Pass-code:[masked] Let us talk together and advance our relationship... What to do? Please reserve your seat as soon as possible There is the join limit to be a small intensive group meeting to provide us an enough time to know each other well. Please reserve your seat as soon as possible. What the next? For the reserved members only receive the conference log in information. If you not our group member, please join before you reserve the seat otherwise. The conference log in information will not be notified. About First Audio Conference First Audio Conference would be scheduled at Every 6:30PM Tuesday and Thursday. The Goal of First Virtual Meeting We will have First Audio Conference at 7:00 PM, Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Subject of this conference is Just Say Hello. We will have a time to introduce ourselves, our business and sharing contact information........ Please reserve your seat then email you the conference phone number and pass cord to get in the meeting What to prepare? What I recommend is before you join is to prepare the easy way to share your profile including contact information. My suggestion is to email me your detail of profile or Create Online profile such as mine: • About Me: • LinkedIn ( • Facebook ( : • Twitter: ( What the next plan is about virtual trade show Virtual Trade show will be holding twice a every month. If any member wants to be Exhibitors, Please contact me at[masked] or send email request to [masked] Detail Information will be announced. Personal Note By the way, I would like invite members to like my new face book business page. I will appreciate if your thumbs up. Visit and thumbs up

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Welcome to NYC B2B Referral Networking Group

NYC B2B Referral Networking Group is comprised of a select group of B2B Professionals, business owners and senior level decision makers who represent a cross section of US enterprises and builds businesses through sharing ideas, creating referrals and developing a spirit of trust and friendship.

Mission of this group is to team up for each members' business success by helping each other. Only invited who is ready to promote other members' profiles and business features and benefits, refer them to your connections and accept other members' referral partnership. The right relationship means everything in success.

The goal of this group is not for the numbers of member. but builds a real intensive coherent B2B refer

ral network to grow business together.

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the place to promote your business, find referring partners and generate new sales opportunity on LinkedIn professional Network

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