• Learn You GraphQL and Kubernetes!


    If you're learning more about the dev ecosystem, you're getting more hireable. With that in mind -> First! Rahat Chowdhury will give us an intro to GraphQL, the coolest way to avoid REST! Then! Get a very gentle introduction to Kubernetes - the unpronounceable way to set up maintainable & scalable app clusters!

  • Learn You Docker & Client vs Server Side Rendering!

    81 Prospect St

    If you're learning, you're getting more hire-able! By popular demand, I will do one more tutorial on Docker, the (for now) king of containerization. Then soak up some React knowledge from Michael Meyerson, my former colleague at American Express and certified Big Deal. He'll share his expertise on React components both server & client side, to make your React skills truly kanye (good way).

  • Learn You EC2, and Job Search Secrets!

    General Assembly

    It's a night of job search wisdom and tech skill buildin'! First, a presentation on getting your first tech job in 2019. It's based on the experiences of bootcamp grads (many are past attendees of this meetup!) who have gotten jobs and shared their data, wins and losses. We'll end the session with a tech demo on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), the flagship Amazon Web Services tool. If you've never used EC2 before, this demo will get you comfortable playing around with it on your own! Presentations by David Ashe, Senior Software Engineer @ CapitalOne. REGISTER HERE TO GET PAST THE MAIN DESK: https://generalassemb.ly/education/getting-your-first-tech-job-plus-intro-to-amazon-web-services/new-york-city/71543

  • Learn You AWS Lambda, Then Project Demo!

    81 Prospect St

    Look, mom. No server. See a demonstration of setting up a basic Node-based cloud function, and hook it up to the internet so it can serve up data (via another AWS service, API Gateway). Then see a bad-ass final project made by M. Parker Kozak: Motion capture music synthesis, with Web Audio API + D3 in React. So many buzzwords to drop on your resume - so little time!

  • Improving Web Performance, Recruiter Wisdom, MTA.info++, Docker & Deploy on DO!

    WELCOME TO THE CLOUD! Upgrade your infrastructure & deployment skillz! First, hear from Sergey Chernikov on improving web-site performance: best practices and common pitfalls. Looking at you, LinkedIn's web app! We will also hear from Glenn Zahn with RecruitWise about how to ace those tricky questions during your next job interview. Increment - hear from Anthony Ng on auditing the MTA subway time website. We will look at different tools available to measure a website’s performance. Then we will look at ways to improve it and make it super fast. The only slow thing about the MTA should be its trains, not its website! Next learn the basics of Docker, and how it can end the pain of "but it worked on {otherMachine}!". Finally, see how to do what Heroku does for you - by doing it live on a Digital Ocean droplet!

  • Learn You Webscraping, Cypress.io, and Staying Safe Online

    WeWork Dumbo Heights

    Automation! Hear From Christopher Diep on how you can employ webscraping as a new dev. Hear from Lee Wilson on how to automate a browser with Cypress.io. webscraping + automation == why browse as a human with eyes anymore? Then hear from Yacov Aronowitz on how to stay safe online! You're a developer so of course you know how to not get hacked. Right? Get this practical perspective on online self-care, and we can pretend that we already knew it all (I won't tell).

  • Cybersecurity Levelup & The No Resume Job Search

    WeWork Bryant Park

    First, hear from David on an alternative structure for your first job search. What if you DIDN'T send out any resumes, and generated leads a different way? Then Chris DiLorenzo, CTO of Dispel, will talk to us about setting up a secure development environment - something that is often overlooked - and also how to incorporate better security into your coding process. Generously hosted by Dispel! Dispel uses Moving Target Defense to make your infrastructure invisible and segmented, stopping attackers from gaining actionable knowledge. By proactively defending against advanced persistent threats, cybercriminals, and insider threats, you don’t have to be on the front lines every day anymore. dispel.io

  • Learn You Vue, Handling Dev Stress, And Deep Learning For Web Devs!

    First -> Learn about Vue.js, the very cool & friendly new reactive, component based web framework that's giving React something to think about. Second -> New York City is one of the greatest places in the world to live... but we also know it is one of the most stressful. And stress can really damage people's lives. While stress is a common experience, there is a lot of fear and shame about asking for help. How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated? Finally -> Deep learning is the BIG THING, but how do us web developers get started? This will be a bite-sized tutorial of the basics of deep learning. Also, you'll see deep learning in action with javascript, thanks to tensorflow.js! Speakers: David Ashe, software engineer @ American Express Caroline Russell, fullstack web developer Tessa Park, software engineer @ 1010data

  • JOINT MEETUP - Hacker Hours!


    Building something? Want to get help or work with others! Hacker Hours is a great place for that! Bring your laptop and whatever you're learning/building to hang out with others in the same boat. Bring questions if you have them, and we'll do our best to get them answered! Hacker Hours => https://www.meetup.com/hackerhours/