• Self-Driving Databases & My Pregnant Wife: The Hard Parts — Tour 2019

    Andy lives a database-centric lifestyle. That means that he spends most of his time either thinking about databases, writing about databases, using databases, teaching others about databases, or programming databases. Truly his body is a vessel for which to conduct database research. One day his beloved wife told him that if Stonebraker can have two kids than he can at least have one. This logic seemed to make sense to him at the time. And now she's pregnant. The idea of having to be responsible for a dependent is stressing Andy out. As such, he is going on a coast-to-coast speaking tour to discuss the challenges of research on self-driving databases while simultaneously trying to be a responsible life partner. More details at: https://db.cs.cmu.edu/tour2019/

  • CockroachDB Hands On

    Cockroach Labs

    Come join us at Cockroach Labs HQ for breakfast and see CockroachDB in action. Make sure you bring your laptop for this hands-on workshop. Agenda: 9:00 - 9:30 am Networking and Breakfast 9:30 - 10:15 am Bram Gruneir, Member of our Technical staff, will work with the group to get everyone started with CockroachDB! He will lead the group as we create a local cluster using everyone's laptop. 10:15 - 10:30 am Q&A with Bram

  • Breakfast at Cockroach Labs HQ

    Cockroach Labs

    Come see the new Cockroach Labs HQ to hear from customers and users on how they've deployed CockroachDB into production environments. Also, bring your laptop! Cockroach Labs engineers will guide you through a hands-on workshop to deploy CockroachDB! Agenda: 9:30am-10am Welcome, Breakfast, Coffee 10:00am-10:30am Talk from Sergio Villasenor - Founder & CEO at Elliot Topic: How Elliot leveraged Kubernetes to create a globally available, one-tap checkout with CockroachDB 10:40am-11:10am Tim Veil, our Head of Solutions Architecture, will help you get started with CockroachDB! He will walk you through how to spin up a cluster. Bring your laptop if you want to follow along or feel free to just watch Tim! 11:10am-11:30am Q&A, networking, mingling and more coffee!

  • Intro to CockroachDB and 2.1 Release Updates

    Cockroach Labs

    Nate Stewart (Head of Product at Cockroach Labs) will present an overview of CockroachDB and the latest features coming in the 2.1 release! Pizza and beer provided!

  • Demos & Firesides: Inside CockroachDB 2.0 & a Fireside Chat with Kindred

    🎁 The first 25 people in the door will get a special swag bag 🎁 ------------------------ 6pm -- Doors & Food 6:20pm -- [Live Demo] Inside CockroachDB 2.0 7pm -- [Fireside Chat] Spencer Kimball (Cockroach Labs CEO) speaks to longtime CockroachDB user Kai Niemi (Architect at Kindred Group) [Live Demo] Inside CockroachDB 2.0 Nate Stewart, Head of Product at Cockroach Labs Nate will demo CockroachDB 2.0, a database built to work as well for startups as it does for multi-national companies that have customers around the world. He will demo new features and major performance improvements. [Fireside Chat] Spencer Kimball with Marcus Smedman & Kai Niemi, CTO and Architect at Kindred Group Spencer and Kai will get chummy about the 2+ years that Kindred's engineering team has been working with CockroachDB (pre-beta!). They will give an overview of how Kindred, an international online gaming business, is using CockroachDB and how they are using it to build their next-generation online gaming platform.

  • NYC CockroachDB User Group - 1.1 Product Launch & Performance Stats

    Location visible to members

    Cockroach Labs' Head of Product, Nate Stewart, and CTO Ben Darnell will launch CockroachDB 1.1 to our New York City user group! He will discuss the newest updates to the product in terms of user compatibility and performance, along with some interesting use cases from customers like Kindred, Baidu, and Heroic Labs. Agenda 6:30 - Doors open, food served 7:00 - Presentation with Nate Stewart, Head of Product 8:00 - Q&A, Networking with Ben Darnell, Cofounder and CTO

  • NYC CockroachDB User Group - Kubernetes and CockroachDB

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    Staff engineer Alex Robinson will lead a demo on running CockroachDB with Kubernetes, followed by a pair programming session. CockroachDB staff engineers will be available to answer any questions. Agenda 6:30 - Doors open, food served 7:00 - Tutorial and Pair Programming with Alex 8:00 - Q&A, Networking **Please be sure to install Minikube (https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/tools/install-minikube/) before the event!**

  • NYC CockroachDB User Group - 1.0 Release: What's in store?

    Location visible to members

    With the long-awaited 1.0 launch upon us, Cofounder and CTO Ben Darnell will provide an overview of what this newest version of CockroachDB means for users. Agenda 6:30 - Doors open, food served 7:00 - Tech Talk and Q&A with Ben 8:00 - Networking **You must be on the RSVP list to check in!

  • NYC CockroachDB User Group Launch - Founder Tech Talk

    CockroachDB is an open source SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters. At our first meetup in New York City, Spencer Kimball (https://www.linkedin.com/in/spencerwkimball/), Co-Founder and CEO at Cockroach Labs (http://cockroachlabs.com), will discuss the inspiration and technology behind CockroachDB. Come join us for a deep dive into architecture and capabilities and an open forum to talk about your questions and ideas directly with our engineering team. Agenda 6:30 - Food served 7:00 - Tech Talk by Spencer 8:00 - Open forum for questions and networking