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3 D3.js Talks - 3 Short talks.

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Three awesome D3.js Talks:

Short Talk
Title: D3 in space!
Description: How we used D3 to win the NYC NASA Space Apps Hackathon with (
Bio: Jonathan Roberts is a NYU astroparticle physicist, recent D3 convert and consultant data analyst.
Note: Jonathan is interested in applying research methodologies to datasets outside academia (including potential full time jobs).

Short Talk
Title: Interactive Narrative Visualizations with D3: The Configurable, The Customizable, and the Rest
Description: Data-driven stories in the media are often enhanced by interactive data visualizations. At, Two-N (, we’re working on a tool for journalists with no programming skills to quickly configure and publish their own interactive visualizations. We’re using some shiny new tools to do it (think Node, D3, Backbone, CoffeeScript, Miso). We’d love to share some of the things we’ve learned so far.
Bio: Travis Sheppard is an engineer at Two-N (, a NYC-based data-viz agency whose recent clients include NYSE, Bloomberg and
Note: Two-N ( is looking to hire; talk to us if interested (in the job, or just in our work in general).

Short Talk
Title: A Rapid Prototype with D3
Description: When you only have a few hours, you don't have to cut corners - you can use corners that other people have already made! I'll show simplifying techniques and libraries that were combined to quickly produce a semi-functional prototype at a recent hackathon-style event. Also: some discussion of d3.behavior.zoom().
Bio: Aaron Schumacher is a data guy, educator, and chief robot wrangler for @NYCattends ( Sometimes he makes things in D3 for fun. Talk to him about interesting projects.

6:45pm - Door opens + socializing
7:00pm - Announcements + Welcome
7:05pm - Short Talk - Jonathan Roberts
7:15pm - Short Talk - Travis Sheppard
7:25pm - Short Talk - Aaron Schumacher
7:40pm - Q & A from crowd from/to crowd + Thanks