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Python and D3.js demo day(7 projects demostration)

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$5 is collected for dinner.

Come to check out what cool stuff you can do with Numpy, Pandas, D3.js library and Angular library.

It is indeed NYC Data Science Academy's students' demo day. John Downs' Python class (P001) and Adam Pearce's D3.js(D001) class were offered in Mar-April. D3 class:

-- Morgan: create an Angular directive to make a reusable force directed graph. Example: --Oliver: basic charts,click button, pie changes, hoover,state changes

Python Class:

--Paul scraped data, profiles contain their stances on issues

PCA and Decision Trees, Ideological clustering and predicting

- Katherine

Mobile wallet app, what demographics - no recording and no source

- Kannan Newspaper website scraping - several articles in several categories and do some text mining

Summaries of important words and clustering to find patterns

- Kamalesh

TV Ratings Data

Predictive model

- John NYC DOH Restaurant data set

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