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(Photos above were shot at our Fireworks meetup events in 2014 using a varifocus technique)

This group is for people who want to expand into different areas of photography such as timelapse/hyperlapse, light painting, trick photography, HDR, Off camera flash, etc... For this reason it is important that you already know the fundamentals of photography and know how to use your camera. This is not a beginners group. The idea of the group is to expand our skill levels in photography by experimenting. Get out of your comfort zone and do things you haven't done before, film is cheap these days. As a tip, I found that people not knowing how to use the various features of their camera really slows down their progress. Spend some time learning the manual controls as well as the other features of your camera. Also do a little planning and prep work before coming to the meetup, it is hard to take good photos if your camera batteries are dead, your lense is dirty or if you left your flash at home.

(Photos above were taken during our Light-painting meetup events in 2014)

Some forms of photography require two people or more working the behind the scenes to effectively pull off a shot (ex. lightpainting shots above). A camera with manual settings and a sturdy tripod are the most basic pieces of equipment you will need for this group. All the photos shown on this page were taken using long exposure and sturdy tripods. (Below - HDR of Eiffel Tower at twilight, using bracketed 2 - 8 second time exposures)

Sometimes additional equipment is needed such as flashlight(s), flash(s), wireless triggers, etc... for our light painting or off camera flash events (depending what you want to do).

Lastly, I really encourage you to learn the software that has changed the way we develop photos. Probably the #1 program that has helped photographers make amazing shots is Adobe Photoshop. If you haven't learned it yet, I suggest you spend some time with this amazing program. I also encourage you to learn Lightroom. There are also many free programs available that one can learn to help achieve the effect you are looking for.

So bring what equipment you have as well as a open mind let's make some cool photos.

If you have a great idea for an unusal photo, either make a comment on the group page or come to our group meeting and let us know, we may choose to make it a group project.

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