WrestleMania Furry Tail Gate [Wrestle Fur Fest 2019]

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I AM NOT THE HOST FOR THIS EVENT. Posting on behalf of @MaxamilionTheFox on Telegram!


Please join us April 5th, 6th, and 7th for a Series of FurMeets in the New York / New Jersey Hudson area.

Our events will include Dave n Buster's, Coney Island, And a Tail Gate in the parking grounds of MetLife Stadium.

We will meet at 11am right in front of Met Life Stadium for our Fursuit Tail Gate Party. There will be hotdogs hamburgers and other foods to be grilled... Only thing is I don't own a grill so if someone can lend us a grill that'd be most appreciated *Otherwise this is False advertisement and I will be sad* You do not need a ticket to party with us in the parking lot of the Stadium, but if you plan to attend WrestleMania 35 you do need a ticket to get in the Stadium/Coliseum. Our group fursuit photo will be taken around 1pm From what I was told Fursuiting is allowed in the stadium BUT you must remove your head upon entering the security gate so they can check you and rest assure you're not a threat of any kind.

To Get Here
There is a special Train that goes to Met Life from Hoboken and thru Secaucus... but it operates 3 hours b4 the event starts witch would probably be 2pm since pre show starts at 5pm

You can also take the 76 bus to the 703 and 160 bus lines that go into Met Life Stadium. The 160 goes thru Meadowlands racetrack and a shuttle should bring you over from there

And as always if taking the Bus and Train don't work you can always drive

If you are going to attend two or all meets please bring $40-60 ish with you to support yourself on this glorious weekend, otherwise if you're attending just one then hit up the above links. Why Wrestle Fest you may ask? Because WrestleMania is April 7th of this year at Met Life Stadium New Jersey, and I hope those attending can see this glorious event.

I want to also give Thank You Ts to those who attend. A separate $25 fee will be required by March 1st of this year so I can purchase each various sizes and submit them to my company of choice and you can get them by the date(s) of these meets. Thank You for your support and We hope to see you April[masked] and bring your wrestler face... Grrr