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NY GDG May Meetup

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Topic: "Understanding the user on and off line with Google Analytics" (Speaker: Nico Miceli, GDE for Google Analytics)

Nico will discuss ways that you can use the new version of Google Analytics (universal analytics) to measure the real engagement of your users, create new custom metrics, track off site activities in Google Analytics and ways to track the same user across devices.

(About Nico) Nico Miceli ( is the Technical Analytics Lead at SEER Interactive and a Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics. He specializes in user behavior analysis and technical analytics. He loves data driven marketing, quantifying himself, and MOOCs.


Topic: "Real Time Captioning With Plover" (Speaker: Mirabai Knight ( - Founder of StenoKnight CART Services and creator of Plover, the Open Source Stenography Program).

Plover is the first open source stenographic engine, allowing people to type at over 240 words per minute. This has huge implications for both captioning accessibility and wearable computing ( (especially when paired with Glass), and might also be of interest to anyone who wants to be more fluent and efficient while inputting prose, code, or other text.

Mirabai will be joined during Q&A by Hesky Fisher (, the Lead Programmer for Plover.


Topic: "Polymer: Building blocks for the web" (Speaker: Jeffrey Posnick (, Google)

Polymer is a library ( that uses the latest web technologies to let you create custom HTML elements. Build anything from a button to a complete application as an encapsulated, reusable element that works across desktop and mobile.


Topic: "Gaming with Chromecast? Not So Fast" (Speaker: Jason Van Anden (, Artist, Activist, Technologist - and GDG New York member)

Jason will share his misadventures tinkering with ChromeCast as an arcade style interactive medium. He plans to shed light on what ChromeCast is good for .. and not so much, A Demo will be made available so you can try it yourself (screenshot provided below)

75 Ninth Ave, Floor 2 · New York, NY
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