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From the full-time tech who thinks in binary code to the newbie with a new smart phone, everyone in this group has 2 things in common:

1-We all enjoy Technology.

2-We can all benefit from one another.

The NYC Gadget/Tech Group was established to give people with different levels of tech/gadget love a social space, in which to share and learn from each other.

The people who should join are those who want to help others get the most out of what they have first, only encouraging new purchases when what the person wants to do is beyond the capacity of what they have. People who want to find out what others are doing with their equipment/devices and what is soon to come or already out but hardly known should join. Those who want to become more proficient and efficient with their devices should join.

A message to our dear prospective/potential power users:

This cruel game of tech division spun by big business in an effort to monopolize profits is not what this group is about.

Love your brand? Great. Love collective capability more.

If you are a power user, only join this group if you can see the vital difference between the love of a single brand and the power of a cross-brand collective. Join only if you can help compare technologies without urging competition/division within the group.

We are here to build, not battle.

Sight is based on many parts and they must not be at war with each other.

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