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Hey LGBTQ guy, girl, and genderqueer/nonbinary tabletop RPG gamers, allies and friends. This group is a place for interested DMs and players to set up queer-friendly or queer-focused roleplaying opportunities. While it was set up with D&D in mind, of course other systems and settings are options. This is a large group and so I presume that there could easily be multiple subgroups/games going at any time and I welcome people to use the forum for discussion and ideas for games.

I'm not afraid of disagreement or challenging discussions, and I'm aware that there are many viewpoints and identities that full under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, not all of which rest comfortably with one another. However, please be respectful of each person's right to self-identify and recognize that formally we support the broadest interpretation of the LGBT...acronym possible. Harassment will not be tolerated.

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