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Forum: “Climate Change and Economic Justice"

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FORUM: “Climate Change and Economic Justice: Essential Connections and Questions”


Mr. Cecil Corbin, Deputy Director/Director of Policy Initiatives for WeAct (West Harlem Environmental Action)

Dr. Therese DeLisio, Associate Dean for Academic Leadership, Union Theological Seminary (eco-feminism, liturgy)

Dr. Jan Rehmann, Visiting Professor for Critical Theory and Social Analysis, Union Theological Seminary (New Left Forum)

Rev. Dr. Paul Sherry, Transitional Operations Minister, The Riverside Church

After the IPCC report, it is even more obvious that on-going and future climate change will affect those with fewer resources more profoundly than others. One of the places to discuss and re-visit our commitment to a solution is the church, a faith-based community with a moral purpose.

In an era of increased lack of political support for low-wage working and poor Americans, it falls on us to delve into the systemic issues where climate change and inequality meet. We need to understand as a culture what is going on and be able to articulate it.

There's a war on the poor, the unemployed, the working class, and it is time to wake up and weigh in.

Please join us! Free of charge.

Moderators: Beth Ackerman (Riverside) and Chris Fici (Union), GreenFaith fellows

Co-sponsored by the Beloved Earth Community of Riverside Church, and Union Seminary

Note: For those interested in attending church, the service begins at 10:45 at Riverside in the "Nave"