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Hey all--Please join us for our one-year anniversary meeting!! As a small treat, let's make this one a potluck: please bring some small food or drink item to share, and let's celebrate all the amazing things we've done together this past year! If you haven't been to a meeting in a while, we would really love to see you again, especially as we prep for PCM--this is the last Alliance meeting before the march, so let's be ready!

Volunteers are needed to be facilitator, timekeeper, scribe, and stack taker. Please volunteer in the comment section, below. Someone also needs to prepare a written agenda for the meeting (post suggested agenda items in comment section below).


We meet once a month to discuss items of mutual interest and decide on joint efforts. We use this meetup group and a google listserv ( to support each other's events with attendance and promotion to our own private lists.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to gain permission to post events here on meetup you must attend at least one meeting in person and represent a group that hosts events of interest. Non-relevant or commercial events will be deleted at the discretion of the group organizers.

We prefer not like to take time out of the meetings for event announcements. If you have an event coming up that you want help with or want to announce, please CREATE AN EVENT HERE AT THE MEETUP SITE, or bring flyers to pass out at the meeting.

Agenda Items : Please suggest additional agenda items in the comment section (below) at least one day before the meeting.