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Evan Morikawa – Scaling Flux

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We'll talk about specific features of React & Flux, React CSS, programming design patterns, and custom libraries, which can turn a static application into a dynamic platform that an ecosystem of developers can build on top of.

This talk will focus on Scaling Flux

Flux is a great for managing data across your React application; however, when apps grow in complexity Flux can become unruly. Stores quickly develop messy dependencies with each other and it becomes extremely difficult to reason about your application.

While developing a highly extensible email client we found an extremely effective way to manage Store complexity was to consolidate data into singular Centralized Data Store. It became a single source of truth that made our app easier to reason about, more robust, and scalable.

Our aim is to teach you a bit about Flux, how it complements React applications, and hopefully give you a framework to think about when growing your applications.
While this talk assumes no prior exposure to the Flux pattern, familiarizing yourself with this data flow is helpful. Facebook's dedicated Flux page is a great resource to review:

About Us

We've (Nilas) built a highly-extensible desktop email client with React & Flux on Atom Shell, and we'll also show concrete examples of where these tools enabled a 3rd party ecosystem of email plugins.

Our goal is for you to take away how to use React to be more than just great application developers, but now great platform developers as well.

7:00-7:30pm Registration & Happy Hour
7:30-8:00pm React Tech Talk + Q&A
8:00-9:00pm Networking

Thanks to Nilas for providing the speaker for this talk, you can learn more about their product here:

229 W 43rd Street Floor 4 · New York, NY