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This is a group for people interested in New York City connections and all that they have to offer. People interested in sharing new experiences and building relationships. Each attendee is introduced to every other person at every event when they arrive at event start time.

Created to facilitate great new connections, please use the powerful RSVP networking tool to post "pre-event" information so that others may learn about and begin thinking about and building connections befor youy even meet. Post personal and business information about who you are looking to connect with, interesting facts about you and details that others may find interesting about you and can use as conversation starters when they meet you. The RSVP area is a very powerful tool that most organizers won't tell you about but that you should really take advantage of in every group you are in. Both adding information yourself and looking it over to see what other members are are looking for before every event you go to will save you time, energy and help you make much better connections..

Some examples of additional RSVP info. are: Just got back from Europe, live on the UWS, I play piano, newly vegan, just moved here from..., Virgo, looking to connect with real estate investors, contractors etc.

Events are meant to be fun, light, interesting and interactive. Attending multiple events gives you the chance to really get to know and connect with other members so please try to attend often in order to build relationships that last. Please try to avoid topic like politics and religion while at my events. It is easier to discover, discuss and compromise on "big ticket items" once solid relationships have been made.

Most events are free, all I ask is that you support the venue where the event is held by simply making a purchase of food or beverage.

Thank you for joining the group and I look forward to introducing you to the love of your life!

All the best,


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Spring-Fling, Singles Mingle, Networking & Selfie Party!

Whispers Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

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