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R workshop IV: plyr package: Tools for splitting, applying and combining data

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Speaker Bio: Kai Xiao, Data scientist @ Supstat Inc.

Preparation: Before your come, please install R 、RStudio、plyr package、 lattice package、ggplot2 package and grab a dataset you are interested to work with

Content: kai will explain what plyr is, how to get informatioin of data by using plyr package. finally, he will show a user case of NBA knicks team data using plyr.

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Note: Please notice it is a webcast workshop.

It is our new approach to bring global talents to teach and give talks through webcast. We got great feedback when we did webcast teaching with Professor Ramnath at Citi bike visualization hack session: . We felt sorry the audio effect was bad in last Kaggler Talk and will defintely improve it this time.