SPECIAL TOWN HALL EVENT: A Panel Discussion with National Election Experts

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Background: a pair of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions — Citizen United v. FEC (and its progeny, McCutcheon v. FEC) and Shelby County v. Holder— are the most consequential decisions involving: 1) campaign finance laws and 2) access to the ballot box, respectively. These cases will have a profound impact in this election cycle and the future elections for the foreseeable future.


The NYCPF is excited to announce a partnership with Impact NYC (http://www.impactnyc.org/) in its next discussion forum entitled “Impact Elections 2016 (https://impactelections2016.splashthat.com/).”

Join us for a town hall discussion lead by an esteemed panel of the most prominent and influential officials and trend setters, including:

• Ann Ravel, Commissioner, Federal Election Commission

• James Bopp, Esq., Plaintiff’s Attorney in Citizens United v. FEC

• Trevor Potter, Fmr. Commissioner, Federal Election Commission and Counsel for the "Colbert Super PAC"

• Amy Loprest, Executive Director, NYC Campaign Finance Board

• Prof. Richard Briffault, Columbia Law School

• Sen. Gustavo Rivera, NY State Senate, District 33

• Jon Reznick, Competitive Advantage Research

• Matt Mahan, CEO, Brigade


Some of the topics likely to be addressed may include:

• How does money predict elections?

• How will technology shape voting of the future?

• Does the current voting system fundamentally fail certain segments of our country's population?

• What can voting systems from other nations tell us about options for change?


IN ORDER TO ATTEND, YOU MUST PURCHASE THE TICKETS AT THE IMPACT NYC WEBSITE — a mere RSVP on this meetup page does NOT guarantee a seat for the event.


The members of this group will be offered a 50% discount, as the tickets will only cost $10 — the discount code is: NYCPF (all caps).