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Movement Politics (Part 1): The "Alt-Right" and the "Regressive Left"

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The "Movement Politics" series explore the various social movements, political forces, and coalitions that aim to bring about certain political changes, reforms or outcomes in furtherance of advancing a particular ideology. The "Movement Politics" series are purely intended to be for discussion purposes only, as the NYCPF does not endorse or advocate on behalf of any groups or organizations.

Our aim is to explore these movements or groups, in depth, without the veneer of hyperpartisan rhetoric -- this, in turn, allows the discussions to be based on factual evidence, coupled with sound, logical reasoning and persuasion at the highest level of intellectual rigor.

The other discussions as part of the series will include:

Part Two -- The Rise and the (Ostensible) Fall of the Religious Conservatives in the U.S. ( (

Part Three -- Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party (


This month, we'll be examining the following two subgroups that are considered to be the "political outliers" of the mainstream conservatism and liberalism, respectively.

1) The "Alt-Right (" (or the "Alternative Right")

2) The "Regressive Left (" (or the "Regressive Liberals")

The discussions will include:

• The evolution of both groups.

• The accuracy of the mainstream media's coverage of the groups.

• Are both groups the polar opposite of one another? If so, do they embolden or justify the other group's existence?

• How will these groups influence the 2016 Elections?

• How are these groups going to affect the future of liberalism and conservatism, as well as the Democratic and Republican parties?

• What if anything does each group get right? And what legitimate criticisms exist of each group?

For more information on these two groups, check out wikipedia's explanations:

More details to follow.