Motion Debate: Is abundance of open information more harmful or good to society?

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This is an invitation to attend and watch a live motion debate as an audience. This event is sponsored by ( click here ( sign up for the event.

Come watch Michael ( Thomas ( debate together against another pair of professional debaters. The attendees will NOT be participating in the actual debate, as this invitation is offered for those to simply to come and watch a live debate.

In light of recent discussions involving "fake news (" and the general state of "media and politics (," this is a ripe moment for this debate!

The synopsis of the Motion: the advent of modern technology has catapulted the proliferation and dissemination of informational content via internet and broadcast. Simply put, there's more information available today at one's finger tips than there ever was throughout most of human history in entirety. What's more, the "open" nature of such information can be easily accessed from the comforts of one's personal devices and gadgets. Yet, are we inundated and overwhelmed in a sea of digital information, making it more difficult to decipher the factual accuracy and integrity? Or do we, as a society, benefit when there's an abundance of "open" information?

The debate format will follow the "Intelligence Squared (" format.

Once you RSVP, the organizers will send you a link to an external event page to complete the sign up.

Very limited spots available, offered on a first-come basis.


Event Schedule:

6:30pm -- pre-debate intro (wine offered)

7:00 to 9:00pm -- motion debate (pro vs. con of the motion)