A Day Trip to Governors Island!

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This will be a fun day trip -- a picnic, strolling around the Island, and checking out special exhibits . . . apparently, a historically-themed "Civil War Weekend (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtxvQV1IhxljUxdkBkpoo5fGW-2FwAu6XrfzInGBrY7Hg6sOWcGwIiXnR9XL4XmRmSGYA-3D-3D_NrtQgGb6t001FrzDFqrZ96tXcFqayvGzjh5zIjnZ6ah9W4oCCBamO-2FvH6bAlWt8DO0t1kF0m-2Bu8LSZg0DQI-2BIbi8vCJzdyN50O8E1WSAElTojmeWHqHZYouObGMix7RbCbTj0ExVNmI5P8rl4OAi2CWPP1HLKP4BxZvqRIasgO-2BQpVWX4a-2F0RJBtXMGmG-2BA-2BrlKecjLztptfxO7TDX2DDYjNhozI-2Bp9-2FMhvCvL-2F-2BELY-3D)" will take place during this weekend. There will, of course be, plenty of time to discuss politics!


The ferry schedule can be viewed at:



12:15pm -- meet at the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan (10 South Street)

12:30pm -- aboard the ferry (if you miss this ferry, the next one runs at 1pm)

1:15pm to 5:15pm -- tour the Island

5:30pm -- depart the Island

*** From Brooklyn: take the 12:30pm ferry from Pier 6 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and meet us on the Island around 12:45pm.



- Pack your own lunch or buy from the vendors.

- Feel free to bring snacks or beverages to share with others.

- This is a "rain or shine" event, but bring an umbrella, in case it rains.

- After the day trip, we may go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant in Manhattan.


Discussion Topics:

I. A preview of the NYC Mayoral Race.

II. The truths and myths about the "BIG GOV'T" -- when it works and when it fails.

III. Foreign affairs: North Korea and Venezuela.


Here's the soundtrack for this trip: