Current Events Forum (FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY)


Once a year, we offer a special invitation, exclusively to the new members to join our discussions. Here, you get to experience, first hand, the enriching and intellectually-stimulating engagement offered by this group in discussing current events and public affairs.

What constitutes as a "new member"? Someone who has attended two or less events with the group, regardless of when you first joined. If you're not a "new member" please refrain from RSVPing for this event.


For this meeting, we've selected three topics covering a wide-range of subject matters unfolding in our State, Nation and around the World.

- State (marijuana legalization): Is New York ready for legalization of recreational marijuana? Should it be focused on criminal justice reform or revenue-based? Should it be proposed as a legislation or referendum?

- Nation (abortion): The recent spate of pro-life bills in state legislatures have reignited this age-old culture war. Is the U.S. Supreme Court signaling a overturning of the decades of legal precedence on abortion, from the Roe v. Wade to the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions?

- International (the U.S.-China Trade War): The inevitable tensions from the misaligned trade relations have escalated in the past year and an half, as the world's two largest economies are now about to embark in a full-scale trade war. China’s ambitious economic and development goals -- e.g., “One Belt, One Road,” The “Made in China 2025” initiative. and national 5G mobile development -- will exacerbate the tensions, likely to result in future trade wars. By some estimation, this in turn, can potentially inflict global tensions akin to the Cold War tensions of the 20th Century. Is this more than a mere trade dispute by the world's two Super Powers?

*** The first fifteen minutes of the meeting will be an "open mic" session, briefly covering headlines from various news sources -- all suggestions are welcome.


More details to follow.