Price: $5.00 /per person

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John Ricard ( will present a seminar titled, "Shooting on Black Seamless" in his Times Square studio. This seminar will give information on how to light dramatic images on a black background. We will give specific information about how where to place lights and what light modifiers work best to keep the subject looking good and the background remaining black.

The lighting setup will be shown using Profoto gear but information will be provided on how you can do a similar setup using less costly gear. This presentation will last one hour.

For a sample of John Ricard's teaching style, check this link which was shot at the John Ricard Studio and features Ricard talking about Lighting for Beauty. The presentation at this upcoming seminar will be similar to what you see here:

Most likely I'll ask someone from the group to stand in for the photos rather than bring in an actual model.

There is no fee for this seminar, however a $5 registration fee is required to RSVP. This fee helps to ensure that those who RSVP, will actually attend. Refunds are detailed below. This seminar is limited to 10 registrants. Refreshments will be provided. Location will be provided upon your payment and RSVP.

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