Automating the ImpOSSible road show

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Over the last year, has completely rebuilt their development and release tooling to better address the needs of a growing team. The resulting tooling, CumulusCI and mrbelvedereci, are available as open source software to use in your own Salesforce projects. We'll go through the process of setting up a new project and configuring it to run automated builds against scratch orgs on Heroku with mrbelvedereci as well as talk about some of the background behind the demo. Special Guest : Jason Lantz.

The meetup is Free to attend.

Food and drink will be provided during the event.


Arkus, Inc.

1441 Broadway, 6th Floor (between W 41st & 40th St)

New York, NY 10018

[Special Thank You to our host of the event Arkus]

Jason Lantz -----------------------------------------

A little background info before the meeting...

These two screencasts show examples of using CumulusCI in a project:

The CumulusCI Docs are here:

Our production instance of mrbelvedereci:

Github Repos: