Swedish/Scandinavian Language Monthly Happy Hour

Scandinavian Social Club /New York City
Scandinavian Social Club /New York City
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***if you are RSVP'ed, attending and do not have the location address, please contact me via private message. Go to my profile page (Stacey, look to the left sidebar) and click on the little envelope email icon).*** Since the last couple meetings have been such a great time, for our Sept meeting, we'll keep the summer theme going and meet at a private residence in Park Slope in the garden. There is a table and seating available to us.

We'll do this event picnic-style, so bring along anything you'd like to nibble on. At the last events, people brought candy, crackers, knäcke bröd, cheese, herring, olives, fruits, seltzer water... things along these lines. I thought it worked out well.

In terms of drinks, bring your own. We have three liters of vodka (thanks Awe & Zack) left over from last time, so mixers or juice or soda would probably be a good bet.

The list for this meeting is limited to those who can speak, or who are actively learning to speak a Scandinavian language. No unsanctioned guests, please, we're already tight on space.

The main object of the meetup will be to converse in the Scandinavian language of your choice, and therefore attendance is limited to those who either can speak Swedish, Danish or Norwegian or are actively engaged in learning. If you have any questions about what this means, please contact us.

Please RSVP respectfully. We are a real group of friends and our etiquette reflects that. If you realize you can't make it, that's fine, just update your RSVP.