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Learn 5 Spiritual Expansion Techniques You Can Use in Business & Relationships!

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Join us at one of the simplest, most practical Spiritual Growth and Development workshops being offered anywhere! This program will first briefly review and then follow up what Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small offered in July.

Dr. Paul Kellogg and partner Susan will be hosting this interactive Meetup along with Meetup organizer, Joan Deasy. The Kelloggs are currently on a fall lecture tour of the central east coast. They have been facilitating seminars just like this one for nearly 40 years around the world and raised their five children with easy-to-do spiritual expansion techniques. They have helped thousands more to do the same!

You may be new in unfolding your spiritual search or you may be a seasoned practitioner; either way, this 3 hour event will add tools to your tool kit. You will learn to apply your newfound or refined abilities to experience more success in your business and greater well-being in all your relationships. The focus of these programs is to be spiritually free and to live your unique purpose.

This Spiritual Development Meetup delves into:

- Unfolding your deeper communication via your four types of spiritual perceptions: Intuition (clairaudience), Vision (clairvoyance), Prophecy (precognition and trance healing) and Feeling (clairsentience and empathetic/energy healing).

- Learning about communicating directly and consciously with a team of inner guidance to receive factual answers from this higher source of personal inspiration. Be truly free to have your own answers whenever you need them.

- The truths of Life After Death and how to assist souls who have passed on including loved ones or those you care about.

- Seeing or understanding a person's energy or spiritual aura and receiving insights about the person. Most people at this Meetup can do this on the first try.

- Experiencing a self healing and spiritual cleansing technique that in laser-like fashion helps you protect yourself and cut through tension or negativity.

- An uplifting energy technique that shows the power and potential of our ability to accomplish what we desire with ease!

- Meeting others who are connecting with their inner spiritual communication and hear about their experiences.

Cost: $40.00

Please RSVP for this Meetup (above right), so we are ready and so that members know who is attending. It is great to know others interested in this.

This Meetup is about learning practical techniques to connect with your inner spiritual self. You see how sensitive you are to what is around you and develop more clear and rewarding relationships with others.

The more you open your clear inner connection, you know and can live your unique life purpose. You feel enthusiastic and a sense of fulfillment.

Go deeper into the outer influences that can influence us and others. Learn how to identify and release / heal these energies or souls that can affect us.

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