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~ Escape from the Ordinary ~

OUR GOAL: We aim to build a Meetup community of fun and congenial group of New Yorkers who enjoy partaking in a multitude of activities year-round and perhaps make some truly fantastic friendships along the way.

OUR EVENTS: Unlike other groups, we do not do the same tiresome events over and over and over, week after week. Here we will strive to make the most of what this great city has to offer by seeking out a diverse assortment of NEW and FUN events and activities, be it blazing a hiking trail, visit museums, enjoy a meal together, see a Broadway show or the latest movie blockbuster, learn a new skill, taking day trips or weekend trips out of the city, travel overseas ... and so much, much more ... the possibilities are endless …

WHO SHOULD JOIN THIS GROUP: New Yorkers ... or whomever else, who enjoy doing things together with a group … All are welcome regardless of age, gender, race or orientation as long as you are open to adventures and possess a positive attitude and a willingness to do new things ... we want to meet you!



PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A DATING SITE. If you are looking for a dating site this is not it, please look elsewhere. Please respect your fellow members. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and person with the inappropriate behavior will be kicked out of the group.

MEETUP FEE: It is FREE to join a Meetup group. However, each group’s Organizer does pay a fee to Meetup HQ to keep the site up and running. Meetup Organizers have the option to charge a minimal fee to help defray the monthly Meetup cost. Therefore, a $1.00 Meetup fee will be collected at randomly selected events. Our organizers DO NOT make any profit from running this group.

LIABILITY WAIVER: We are not a commercial, profit-making group, nor are we a professionally guided group. You participate in our events at your own risks. Our main goal is to have fun while we are outside not to look after your safety. You have to do that for yourself. Upon signing up for any of our events, you agree that you are solely responsible for your own preparedness and well-being and you agree you will hold no one else liable in case of injury or mishap. You agree not to hold any event host or any other group members responsible for any injuries, mishaps or any other situation that may arise. Your attendance at our Meetups signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver.

IMPORTANT GROUP RULES: A successful group is not about how many members there are in the group. It is about the quality of members in the group! We would rather have a small group of "quality members" than a huge group of "joiners" and “lurkers” who never show up to any event.

To join the group: you must have a recognizable face picture - this is not negotiable

General rsvp policy:

(1) please take the time to read through the entire description of any event posted.

(2) please only sign up if you are confident that you can make it to the event and can handle any physical requirements of the event.

(3) please note that if you no-show, or cancel last minute without an explanation, to more than 2 events you will be removed from the group.

Upcoming events (5+)

A Bronx Tale Hike

Pelham Bay Park


**PLEASE RSVP RESPONSIBLY. YES RSVP ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU CAN JOIN US. Any NO rsvps, habitual rsvp changers and no shows are subject to removal from the group.** Let's take a hike at Pelham Bay Park reachable by MTA subway GETTING THERE: Make your own way to the Pelham Bay Park station - last stop on the 6 train line by no later than 11AM. Then we'll share a Uber/Lyft ride (no more than $5 or so per person) to Orchard Beach Nature Center. From the Orchard Beach Nature Center, we'll pick up the Kazrimiroff Trail which will take us through Hunter Island. About Hunter Island: Right next to Orchard Beach and the Twin Islands, the 3-mile loop around Hunter Island offers an exploratory route through marshland, beaches full of herons and mussels, gorgeous forests, the area’s tiny, rock islands, and unprecedented views of the Long Island Sound. READ MORE ABOUT HUNTER ISLAND -------> http://www.backpacker.com/trips/new-york/new-york-city-hunter-island-loop/#bp=0/img1 We'll also allot time to explore Twin Island. About Twin Island: Twin Island is nothing more or less than the ragged outcrop of rock at the north end of Orchard Beach in the Bronx. [Walk] out to the wide, flat promenade and white sand beach. Look into the distance, and you can see City Island and the skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan. READ MORE ABOUT TWIN ISLAND -----> http://www.nytimes.com/1992/02/02/news/sunday-outing-boulders-sand-treasure-silence-that-faraway-land-called-bronx.html HIKE INTENSITY: easy to moderate MILEAGE: We'll do a loop hike of about 3 or 4 miles DURATION: I cannot guarantee finishing time. So if you have to ask, you're just better off staying home. We will finish when we finish. PACE: leisurely with plenty of stops as needed for refreshments and taking in the surrounding views, taking the time to savor the sights and sounds of nature. Everyone will hike at their own natural pace with no fear of being left behind. PLEASE, NO SPEED DEMONS!!!! WHAT TO WEAR AND BRING: Dress in non-cotton layers. Wear hiking shoes. Bring at least 3 liters of liquid to stay hydrated. Bring lunch and snacks for yourself. Carry all your stuff in a backpack. WEATHER: Rain or extreme heat cancels hike! MEETUP FEE: A $1.00 Meetup fee will be collected to help defray the cost of keeping this group going. LIABILITY WAIVER: come prepared. Hold no one liable. Participate at your own risks. etc. etc.

Food and Libation at the Bronx Night Market

Bronx Night Market

**PLEASE RSVP RESPONSIBLY. YES RSVP ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU CAN JOIN US. Any NO rsvps, habitual rsvp changers and no shows are subject to removal from the group.** Let's take a Metrocard journey to the Bronx Night Market. The Bronx Night Market is the largest celebration of cuisine & culture in The Bronx, Westchester County and Uptown Manhattan attracting more than 80,000 people in its debut season in Fordham Plaza. This open-air, food-centric market features Bronx-based vendors serving up tamales, soul food, latkes, ice cream, pastries, elotes and vegan creations, plus libations from the Bronx Brewery and others. In addition to all of the delicious provisions, the market offers nifty wares from local artisans and live music performances from Bronx musicians. Come appreciate all that NYC's northernmost borough has to offer. NO TICKETS OR ENTRY FEE, JUST COME HUNGRY AND COME EARLY.

Day Trip to Philly: The Foodie and Museum Edition

Port Authority Bus Station

*PLEASE RSVP RESPONSIBLY. YES RSVP ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU CAN JOIN US. Any NO rsvps, habitual rsvp changers and no shows are subject to removal from the group.** **Please be sure to read through Meetup write-up below before you rsvp** This Labor Day weekend, let's take a DAY TRIP to Philadelphia ... On the FIRST SUNDAY of every month, several Philly museums offer FREE (or Pay As You Wish) admission. In addition we'll also do a FOOD CRAWL at the Reading Terminal Market, as well as at the Italian Food Market. ABOUT PHILLY: There's more to Philly than just a cracked bell. Famous as the birthplace of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and blessed with the glamour and culture of a big city, 'Philly' delights visitors with its rich history and small-town charm, as well as fascinating museums, vibrant parks, national historic sites and famous (and delicious) food. Philly offers a multifaceted food scene: Eating is a highlight here, with two of the city's most loved attractions – Reading Terminal Market and the South 9th Street Italian Market – placing food front and center. The city's culinary scene is nothing if not democratic, embracing everything from artisan pizza and vegan creations to the blue-collar heartiness of a cheesesteak sandwich or a soft, salty pretzel. Philly's ethnic and cultural diversity is also reflected on the plate: in one day you could tuck into an Amish breakfast, lunch on spicy Asian noodles and enjoy Mexican tacos for dinner. MUSEUMS: on the FIRST SUNDAY of every month, several Philly museums offer FREE (or almost FREE as in pay as you wish) admission: Philadelphia Museum of Art - made famous by the "Rocky" movie The Franklin Institute Brandywine River Museum of Art- Chadds Ford Barnes Foundation Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts Fireman's Hall Museum Independence Hall Liberty Bell Center GETTING THERE: There are plenty of public buses that can take you to Philly in less than 2 hours. I will be taking Peter Pan Bus out of NY's Port Authority. The 8:30AM Peter Pan bus from Port Authority arrives in Philly at 10:20AM. As of August 23, one-way ticket price is $15.00. Note price will get higher closer to the date so be sure to buy your ticket EARLY. website: www.peterpanbus.com DRIVERS: you can meet us at the Reading Terminal Market by no later than 10:30AM please. Once in Philly, we'll get around Philly on foot and/or Uber. The Reading Terminal Market is a 2-minute walk from the bus terminal. You can leave at any time. At the end of the day, I plan on getting the 6:30PM bus arriving back to NYC by 8:20PM depending on traffic. PLEASE NOTE nothing is written in stone. Day's agenda remains subject to changes. Come with an open mind for ADVENTURES and whatever the day might bring. LIABILITY WAIVER: come prepared. Hold no one liable. Participate at your own risk. Etc. Etc.

Let's Do Axe Throwing

Bury the Hatchet Axe Throwing Brooklyn

*PLEASE RSVP RESPONSIBLY. YES RSVP ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU CAN JOIN US. Any NO rsvps, habitual rsvp changers and no shows are subject to removal from the group.** Who's up for throwing some axes? PLEASE NOTE WE ARE DOING THIS EVENT AS WALK-INS. Monday to Thursday nights walk-ins pay $20.00 SUBJECT TO INSTRUCTOR AVAILABILITY ABOUT AXE THROWING: The sport of axe throwing is a Canadian past time that’s becoming increasingly popular across the U.S., and now in Brooklyn, NY. Throwing hatchets is both fun and stress relieving at the same time, plus axe throwing is a great group activity. WHAT TO EXPECT: Bury the Hatchet’s warehouse-style space is expressly for ax-throwing. First, instructors lead one-on-one safety lessons before the 90-minute sessions get underway. Bury the Hatchet works tournament-style, letting groups of up to 12 players compete against each other in knockout rounds. Those who take a liking to the sport can go on to perfect their hatch-heaving skills in of Bury the Hatchet’s leagues. ABOUT BURY THE HATCHET: Afternoons throwing darts or playing shuffleboard are a thing of the past thanks to Bury The Hatchet, where visitors send 1.5-pound wood and metal hatchets whirling toward targets. Trained "throwing coaches" show groups how to safely handle the hatchets and throw them with accuracy before letting visitors loose to show off their skills. Group tournaments pit friends against friends in search of the elusive bullseye, with big-screen TVs to keep track of scores. No prior knowledge is necessary.

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Let's Go to the Queens Night Market

111th Street 7 line station

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