Sundays: Healing, Meditation, Spirituality, Psychology, Devotion of Yoga Vedanta

NYC Vedanta Yoga Spirituality, Psychology and Meditation
NYC Vedanta Yoga Spirituality, Psychology and Meditation
Public group

Atmananda Yoga Sequence

112 E 23rd St #200 · New York, NY

How to find us

Buzz suite 200 from downstairs. Walk up stairs 1 flight.

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Basic Info:
All are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. No physical postures involved. Pillows and blankets will be provided to sit on. Price of this community class is $3 only to be paid in-person by cash, or $3.50 if by venmo. Email [masked] with any questions or if you want to be added to our weekly email list (indicate the name of this group).

Class Agenda:
11:50 Introductions
12:00 Meditation Begins
12:20 Sharing and Questions
12:30 Yuriy Gives Class
13:00 Sharing and Questions

Class Description:
Drop in to any one of our classes to heal, understand and grow with guided meditations and led classes on the four spiritual and universal yogas from Hinduism: Jnana Yoga (embodying discernment and truth), Bhakti Yoga (growing with love and devotion), Karma Yoga (purifying our daily actions in service), and Raja/Ashtanga Yoga (meditating and exploring the inner world).

The four yogas are complimentary pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that when combined produce a harmonious and liberating way of living in this world. We thus can gradually overcome all sufferings and become permanently established in our True Self - the pure and unchanging consciousness / intelligence where at its source unites in the Oneness of us and the universe. Our lives are transformed into ones of love, peace, truth, and inner strength.

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