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Vegan Halloween Party!

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Hi everyone-- please join for a fun vegan Halloween Party! We'll have spooky music, vegan treats, and fun activities including decorating small pumpkins. Kids are encouraged to wear a costume (adults too, if you want). Please bring a vegan dish to share with everyone-- homemade or store-bought is fine. I'll provide plates, cups, utensils, etc.

WHAT: Vegan Halloween Party
WHERE: 55 Bethune St: Westbeth Community Center
WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 17th
TIME: 12-3pm

INFO ON GETTING THERE: 55 Bethune Street (between Washington and West Streets) is the main entrance. People can ask the guard where to go (through the mail room, outside through the inner courtyard and the Community room is on the left). There are a few steps up so if you have a stroller you may want to enter through here:

Courtyard at 155 Bank Street (go up the ramp and the Community Room is on the left--opposite the Labyrinth Theatre).

Westbeth charges a fee to rent the community room-- plus the cost of papergoods and craft/pumpkins, etc.-- so it would be greatly appreciated if everyone could contribute $10 per family for this event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
-Robyn, Martin, Charlotte & Henry

55 Bethune St · New York, NY