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Join NYC Visual Thinking Friends to co-create an informal space where we can explore the language of visual thinking. We will use containers, icons, graphics, figures, and text to express ourselves, and capture ideas, thoughts and questions for our notes, in meetings, training programs, strategy sessions, and more. We’ll talk a bit, though we’ll put markers to paper more.

This group will meet to learn about visualization, enhance skills, and experiment with different media—markers, paper, pastels, crayons, and tablets. We’ll vary the types of get-togethers—some will be more formal learning, while other times we can have a graphic jam, and immerse ourselves in fun and useful exercises.

Visualization is used all over the world by facilitators, trainers, and coaches. If you're new to this field and want to learn more before joining us for an afternoon or evening, be sure to contact me—I love talking about this work! People enter this world of visual thinking from a wide variety of fields. Everyone is welcome to join us, whatever your level of knowledge and skill!

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