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We organize women-only runs, to play competitive but relaxed bball. And we also run some co-ed games through our sister (and brother) Meetup, Basketball for the Vertically Challenged.

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Sunday morning Indoor Hoops

Public School 34

Calling all women ballers! To celebrate the holiday weekend, we are having a free women's only run on this Easter Sunday. All we ask is that if you cannot make it, drop your rsvp so someone else can play. We rent out the gym from 11am-2pm. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early as the sooner everyone arrives, the sooner we can begin playing. We'll be running this meetup in conjunction with women members of Basketball for the Vertically Challenged. * You must RSVP in order to attend! In order to avoid overcrowding, please do not just show up. We will have to turn you away! We'll play some pick up games with the following rules: 1. Play by ones and twos to 11 - win by one point. 2. Make it - take it. 3. Backcourt if the ball hits the rim or backboard. Air balls are fair game to put right back up. 4. Jump balls/disputed calls will be determined by a shot from the free throw line cuz "the ball never lies." 5. Walls, half-court line, and ceiling are out of bounds. 6. Subs will enter the game no later than 6 points in (once one of the teams reaches 6 points). The sub will start the following game. Teams will regulate themselves but let's make sure everyone plays. See you on the court! B-)

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