Past Meetup

Wordpress for business growth


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Where does the time go?

This wordpress meetup will be a 'catch up' meetup. Wordpress has been good to me...actually great! In the past few years I have generated lots of residual income due specifically to wordpress, and as always I want to share what has worked for me, and review how others are using wordpress. Wordpress has literally been a main focal point in tremendous growth for my company over the past year, and joining me will be our new CMO!

Some of the things I will be covering is how to use wordpress as a superior lead generation system, how to monetize your wordpress site to generate a growing residual stream of income from google, and how I have been able to grow my wordpress business to 500+ managed clients and added 9 people to our team in the last 8 months!

We will also be covering some great ways to use wordpress to grow your business.

Bring your questions, the challenges you are facing with wordpress or with growing your business and we will be sure to make this a great meetup (as always!)