Let's explore one of the Bronx's best park-Van Cortlandt Park & Wave Hill


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VanCortlandt is the third-largest park in the city. It is over 1,140 acres and there are many secrets here.

It was named after the Van Cortlandt family which were very influential during the Dutch and colonial times. Did you know that John Jay is a descendant of the Van Cortlandt family?

There are some interesting facts about this park. During the American Revolution, New York was the crown jewel for both the British and the Patriots. George Washington needed to protect New York from the British. The British needed to take control of New York so that they could separate the South from North.

Both the British and the Americans made their headquarters in the Van Cordlant mansion. I'll tell you a couple of stories of the house museum and visit it. Augustus Van Cortlandt got all the city records and brought them here. Where do you think he stashed them? Why did he do this? The admission to this house museum is $5.00 Adults/$3.00 for Seniors.

Did you know that it has the oldest public golf course in the country? We will visit the golf clubhouse for snack/drinks and to view their photo collection of their history.

You will not believe what Robert Moses did to the park in the 1930's. Hidden in the bushes and shrubs are some pillars of stones, do you want to know what they were for? There is a parade ground and did you know it is the largest one in the five boroughs? Are you into cross-country race, well, Van Cortlandt park hosts some of them.

For those interested in continuing our Bronx event, we will take the shuttle bus to Wave Hill to check out their new exhibit. The view of the Palisades, the gardens and the mansion are worth the trip there..

Van Cortlandt House Museum fee: $5.00/$3.00 seniors
Wave Hill fee: $8.00/$4.00

Date: May 29, 2019
Transportation #1 train to 242nd Street
Meet by the turnstiles at 242nd Street
Restrooms: at the park
Time: 11:30am
Lunch: Bring lunch/water
Distance 4-5 miles

Organizer fee: $7.00