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New York City Meetup group facilitated by healer psychologist, intuitive Dr. Jay Kantor - http://drjaykantor.com .

PsycheTherapeutics: Breakthrough Methods For Achieving Profound Body-Mind-Spirit Transformation

With Dr. Jay Kantor

In this meetup, you will learn about 3 breakthrough methods of body-mind-spirit healing which make it possible to work through current life crises and to overcome persistent, long-term psychological, emotional, and relationship issues. These methods have proven successful even when conventional talk and drug therapies have previously failed.

Join Dr. Jay Kantor to understand and experience:

1) EFT – a meridian-based, energy tapping therapy for quickly neutralizing energetic, emotional, and physical disturbances. EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – is most likely THE breakthrough therapy of our times.

2) PsychoClarity - a rapid, effective means for developing a conscious healing and nurturing relationship with traumatized, immature, conflicted, dissociated aspects of the personality. Wholeness and integration of the personality is accomplished as the Higher Self is empowered to take charge of the person’s life. Dis-identification with painful. limited aspects of the personality is achieved.

3) Rohun Spiritual Psychotherapy - a spiritual and energy healing process for systematically purifying the chakras and aura. Consciousness is transformed and enlightened by gently releasing the stuck energies, negative consciousness, and trauma in the body-mind-spirit system.

Individual and group exercises, and demonstrations will be offered to foster an experiential understanding of these methods.

Dr. Jay Kantor became interested in healing, metaphysics, and spirituality in the late 1960’s, He started channeling in 1970 and took his first healing course in 1975 with Barbara Brennen, the author of the ground-breaking book Hands of Light. Jay holds a Doctorate in Psychology from Columbia University and became a staff writer for Whole Life Times, the first national holistic magazine in the country, in 1980.

Jay’s career has included scientific research, journalism, clinical practice as a healer-therapist-intuitive, and teaching. Jay published his own holistic magazine, Quality Times, in NY and NJ from 1990 to 2000. He has interviewed over 100 of the most famous holistic authors in America, including Carolyn Myss, Ram Dass, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Dr. Brian Weiss. As a holistic journalist, Jay keeps himself at the cutting edge of developments in the field, and has studied many therapies with their originators

.Websites: http://DrJayKantor.Com , http://EFTNJ.Com http://Rohun.Com , http://SelfReparenting.Com

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